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Samsung Odyssey VR Headset expected next week – is this a Goodbye to Oculus?

Samsung Odyssey VR Headset expected next week – is this a Goodbye to Oculus?

Reports came out last year that Samsung VR was working on a product code-named Odyssey, and company execs admitted that Samsung was working on higher-end VR projects. Last week, photos of what was claimed to be final product photos we posted by Twitter user Walkingcat. The images, included in this article, show what would be a high-end HMD with Samsung branding, two cameras for inside-out tracking and integrated headphones made by AKG.

Today, numerous leaks seem to confirm that Samsung is gearing up to reveal the new Odyssey-branded virtual reality device as early as next week. Meant to be the high-end complement to the Gear VR, the headset also seems to point towards a departure from the company’s partnership with Facebook-owned Oculus.

The images also prominently display the Windows Mixed Reality logo which would confirm the new Samsung HMD is indeed powered by Windows software, just like the Acer & Lenovo HMDs.

Knowing that major corporations like Samsung don’t file for FCC Approval of their products until they are nearing launch date, the fact that the image below was found on a partial filing from the FCC speaks volumes.


Need more reasons to suspect an imminent product launch? Well, how about next week’s Microsoft press event to showcase a “Mixed Reality line of products”, and later in October, the annual Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco that is going to feature announcements about “the future of VR as Samsung, described as:

Our 360VR gut feeling is that there may be major VR-related announcements such as the Samsung Odyssey, but also news about the Standalone VR Headset, and maybe even an official launch date for the much-anticipated Samsung 3D 360 professional Stereoscopic camera.

Watch our interview with Josh Dixon, Lead Emerging Products at Samsung, during the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas.