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VIDEO: Samsung Officially Launches 360 Round – a High-End Stereoscopic 360º Camera at SDC

VIDEO: Samsung Officially Launches 360 Round – a High-End Stereoscopic 360º Camera at SDC

Samsung has officially launched their much-anticipated pro-level Stereoscopic (3D) 360º Camera – the Samsung 360 Round! The camera has a total of 17 lenses; eight pairs in stereoscopic alignment capturing the horizontal line, and the final one capturing the vertical. Among a long list of impressive specs, the camera boasts the ability to LIVE Stream in 360º in 4K in near real-time with (as of May 2017, may have gotten even better) a mere 1,7 second delay.

Just when many media outlets were claiming that “VR is Dead” following the Nokia announcement that they were discontinuing the OZO, Samsung releases a camera that had been meant to directly compete with the OZO, while only costing a fraction of the price. It must feel lonely at the top, huh?!

The 360VR Community got an exclusive interview (see the video above!) with Josh Dixon, Head of Samsung 360 Round Camera – Lead Emerging Products at Samsung, during the NAB Show this past April, where Samsung was showing the camera then-known as the Project Beyond. Dixon has an infectious passion for 360° Cinematography and its Future, which is a great thing to see coming from such an important manufacturer. The excitement was palpable in the booth, the entire Samsung team beaming, as made evident by this confident statement: “ Samsung’s 360 Round Camera is a real differentiator for broadcasters, producers and filmmakers”, said Dixon, The product offers real-time 3D Live Streaming, IP65 compliance, all packed into a small-form factor.”

Suk-Jea Hahn, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Global Mobile B2B Team, went on to state: “The Samsung 360 Round is a testament to our leadership in the VR market. We have developed a product that contains innovative VR features, allowing video producers and broadcast professionals to easily produce high quality 3D content. The combination of livestreaming capabilities, IP65 water and dust resistance and 17 lenses makes this camera ideal for a broad range of use cases our customers want—from livestreaming major events to filming at training facilities across various industries.”

The Samsung 360 Round is going to be priced at $10,500 USD.

Get all the details by reading the Official Samsung Press Release!

The Full list of Specs: