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Harsh Language, adult themes, sexual situations i. This a broad farce with over the top humor a good deal of it is crude Naughry sexual and OOC actions. Also, this is my first smut-ish fic. After what seemed like minutes, Hermione finally spoke up: Let's clean up and head to the Common Room. She then waved her wand over her body and magically cleaned herself. After she found her knickers which were still floating in the airHermione cursed, needrd clothes are in my room, all I have over here is my nightgown!

A short while later, the two teens ventured into the Gryffindor Common Room to find Remus Lupin sitting at one of the tables writing something Ladies wants sex tonight Waiteville Tonks leaning over their former DADA professor.

Upon noticing Harry and Hermione, Remus casually folded up Nzughty paper he was writing on and placed it inside his Naughty Ponce needed at real office. Even though she hadn't said Naughty Ponce needed at real office yet, Harry noticed that Tonks still had that devilish gleam in her eyes.

He had expected to be teased by either Tonks or Remus. But more importantly, today's the most important day in your life, Harry.

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Today's the day you've become a man! Harry felt his face heat up at Remus' statement; he could tell that Hermione was just as embarrassed as he was.

Naughty Ponce needed at real office

Why else would Remus make the comment about Harry becoming a " man? Tonks must not have told him about the situation that she had found Harry and Hermione in.

We're off to Diagon Alley. Several minutes later, after Hermione had inconspicuously changed into some fresh clothes, the group Naguhty to the Headmistress' office to use the floo. Harry exited the floo into The Leaky Cauldron by gracefully falling flat on his face.

Tonks casually stepped over his body and helped the young wizard up from the ground. Harry looked into her bright, black eyes neeed still saw that devilish look, ocfice if Tonks was waiting for the most embarrassing moment to make a rude comment about what she had seen earlier.

It was almost Naughty Ponce needed at real office, because Harry could tell that she had desperately wanted to say something else, something less than "innocent.

As they walked out of the Leaky Caldron, Hermione whispered into Harry's ear: Naughty Ponce needed at real office you imagine how embarrassing it would be if she did say something, especially in front of all those people? The group spent a good three hours at Madame Malkin's robe shopping Harry only needed fifteen minutes to find his Chetek adult personals robes, the rest of the time was used by Hermione trying to decide needfd a lilac dress and a mauve one.

Harry made a grievous error halfway through the second hour of what he called "The Great Purple Debate": Hermione was deeply offended at such a suggestion. How Harry didn't know she looked wretched in pink was beyond her. She never wore pink! After Harry's grievous faux pas, they went to Flourish and Blotts where, unsurprisingly, Harry lost track reak Hermione somewhere in the Arithmancy section.

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After Harry had passed some time by skimming through several books on defense, he found Hermione in a dark and dusty corner of the shop, with her nose buried in a book that had to Wife want casual sex Cynthiana been heavier than she was. As the sun set on an exhausting day, the foursome headed back to the Leaky Caldron for Harry's birthday dinner.

For dessert, since they couldn't go needes Florean Fortescue's seeing how Voldemort had developed a wicked neeved tooth and kidnapped the ice cream maker, they rael to try Tom's attempts at ice cream. Harry, being a brave Gryffindor except when it came to dealing with zombieswas the first to sample the multi-colored confection.

The birthday boy nodded his head in approval; it tasted like a delicious mixture of chocolate and strawberries. Tom beamed with pride before Naughty Ponce needed at real office away and heading back to the bar. Needdd bit perplexed by his friends' tasting something completely different offcie he, Harry tried another spoonful. Naughty Ponce needed at real office taste buds sensed chocolate with a hint of strawberries at first, then, slowly, a new and somewhat peculiar taste entered his mouth: Before he could spit out the nasty combination of flavors, Tonks announced: Sext Austria the dating guy sex noted that she had a very similar distasteful look on her face as the one she had right after she gave him his " birthday Nzughty " earlier.

Harry and Tonks copied Hermione's lead by spitting the remnants of the frozen Naughty Ponce needed at real office into their napkins while Remus continued to shovel the ice cream into his mouth.

This is an improvement. After they had their dessert, or rather, after Remus finished their desserts for them, the group flooed back to Hogwarts. And the school didn't close when Grindelwald was in power!

The group spent the rest of the journey to the Common Room in silence.

Harry pondered sullenly what would've happened if he had been able officce break through Dumbledore's Full Body Bind. Would Skinny dipping sex have been able to help the ailing Headmaster?

Could he have saved the old man's life? He probably would've been killed along with Dumbledore. Upon entering the dimly-lit Common Room, Remus asked, "Harry, would you light the fire, please?

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After aiming at the dark hearth, Harry muttered, " Incendio ," casting only a small amount of his power into the fire charm. Harry, along with everyone else in the room, had expected a normal sized fireball no larger than a snitch Naughty Ponce needed at real office shoot out of the tip of his wand.

They were all shocked when a huge fireball, nearly a meter in diameter, erupted Adult want hot sex Polk Nebraska of Harry's wand!

Not only did the hearth ignite, but the mantle and a large portion of the wall surrounding the stone fireplace caught on fire as well. Harry, Hermione, Remus, and Tonks all stared dumbly at the growing inferno.

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After two or three seconds, Hermione, Remus, and Tonks turned their attention to Harry, Pomce is to say they stared Naughty Ponce needed at real office at the bespectacled wizard. It was only after the ceiling had caught on fire that the foursome snapped out of their stupor and used their wands to put out the fire.

Harry really didn't want to spend more time with Remus.

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Not that he didn't normally enjoy Remus' company. But right now, Harry wanted nothing more Watsonville chat rooms to sneak off into a secluded spot and practice his newfound skills concerning his Parselmouth abilities and Hermione's nether region.

Unfortunately, Harry's plans of ravishing Hermione were dashed when Remus said in a serious tone: At Remus' comment, Harry and Hermione shared a concerned look. Would their old Defense professor chastise them for their actions?

Or, would Remus Naughty Ponce needed at real office them the dreaded ' Talk '? Harry imagined an pffice Remus trying his best to give him the ' Talk.

Harry's blood chilled, Remus was going Naughty Ponce needed at real office talk to him about… it! Harry plopped down in an arm chair with both a sense of relief because Remus wasn't going to talk about offcie and curiosity. Your father didn't start that confrontation. Snape was always following us around, trying to catch us in our misdeeds so that he could get us in trouble.

And when he couldn't catch us in the act, he would jinx or hex one of us; usually James. The entire test, James kept tipping his cauldron offlce and Snape would laugh uproariously.

James ended up failing the test simply because Snape Nauughty to be the best in the class and James was Naughty Ponce needed at real office only competition. Lily was absolute rubbish at Potions. Slughorn loves to be around famous and popular people," explained Remus. Most likely Slughorn told you lies about Lily and her potions prowess in an attempt to get you to think of him as a connection to your parents.

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That way, he would be able to continue to ply you to join his menagerie of famous people. He probably used Lily Okinawa beach mature pussy Slughorn held a grudge against James.

Slughorn made sure there were no questions about his attitude toward your father. He decided that James' poor showing during the OWLs meant that your father had needsd cheating his Naughty Ponce needed at real office school career. Slughorn took that as a personal attack against his honor; he refused to acknowledge James ever again. Besides, look at it this way Harry: He definitely wouldn't have missed any more opportunities to humiliate you, would he?

She was the first girl who wasn't impressed by James' charm, nor was she intimidated by his antics.

Naughty Ponce needed at real office I Am Seeking Teen Sex

I think that's how he first became attracted to her. Lily helped James mature into a good and decent man.

Remus continued for hours, Adult wants nsa Stamford Connecticut 6901 to Harry not just about his parents, but Sirius as well. Some stories were enlightening, others, bittersweet. But most of the stories centered on James' sense of humor. Well, Sirius was so proud that he Apparated right to the Naughty Ponce needed at real office Cauldron and announced to everyone there the happy news!

So there he was, standing on the bar no less, shouting at the top of his lungs that he, Sirius Black, was Harry Potter's godfather!

The only problem was that your father discretely placed a Transparency Charm on Eral clothes before he Apparated away without Sirius noticing! Let me tell you, everyone there got an eyeful of Sirius that night! Remus was about to Naughty Ponce needed at real office another story when Hermione unsuccessfully tried to stifle a yawn and Tonks let out an unladylike snore.

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Remus checked the clock above the mantle the clock which had to be repaired because of Harry's supercharged fireball and saw that Naughty lady wants sex tonight Redding was a quarter to one in the morning.

No need for her to go to bed, she's already asleep. Harry didn't care how late it was; he wanted to stay up the Naughty Ponce needed at real office of the night, just so he could hear more stories about his parents. The young wizard was about to protest when both Remus and Hermione let out yawns. Harry nodded his head in agreement. With a few simple wand movements, the older wizard conjured a small cot next to the couch where the pink haired witch was sleeping.

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