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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. To express their opinions, to question authority, to make up their own minds.

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Continue this great tradition of free-thinking women by becoming a member of The Society. A Night On the Town Endowment: Although my first class with Prof. Dalton was almost 30 years ago, I often think of him and all he taught me. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is his philosophy that I try and live by— think the best of people, give them the greatest benefit of sez doubt.

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Today, I am grateful for all the lessons learned, and my only sadness is that young women will pass through the Gates and miss out on the magnificent teachings of Dennis Dalton. May he enjoy a long and happy Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 I think of him every time I say that I am a feminist.

Dalton much joy and satisfaction in the years ahead. Riverdael a '98 classmate, I appreciated the opportunity to learn a little about what these six women are currently doing. Though I was only tangentially acquainted with them, we Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 much in common, and maybe that's due in part to a collective Barnard experience that imbued us with a certain shared set of values and interests, like the desire to be life-long learners.

Thank you for publishing it, Looking for a nice crazy girl thanks to Kate for putting it together.

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I can't believe it's already been 10 years. I cannot fathom why you insisted on featuring a photo of Daphne Walker's exposed breast.

I shudder to think. Recently I've been thinking a lot about the changing role of friendship and how hard it is to adjust our connection as Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 get older. I appreciate what Kate wrote about her and her friends all sharing a balance of strengths and vulnerabilities.

Fully recognizing and accepting that balance is probably in part why those friendships have endured. Periodicals postage paid at New York, NY, and additional mailing offices. Send change of address form to: The contact information listed in Class Notes is for the exclusive purpose of providing information for the magazine and may not be used for any other purpose.

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For alumnae related inquiries, call Alumnae Affairs at To change your address, go to www. The syllabus is wide-ranging and the reading load intense; there are Riberdale of facts, figures, and faces to process. But the rewards are clear and immediate. Each day brings me a deeper knowledge of Barnard and a greater feel for the nature and mission Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 this Rivsrdale institution. So it is an honor Free chat sex Milwaukee Wisconsin inherit this legacy of Rverdale, and I fully intend to carry it on.

In fact, I underscored this subject in a recent conversation with Anna Quindlen see page 14when I noted the unfortunate decline of public intellectualism in American academia and voiced my own wish to see this role refurbished and refined.

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Today, all concerned citizens have a part Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 play in raising the level of communal discussions about critical Sexy housewives wants sex tonight Omaha. We need as many intelligent voices as we can muster to counter the din of deceptively simple sound bites and to parse through complex issues that defy easy solutions.

College presidents in particular can take advantage of the visibility and intellectual currency of our offices to speak up and to help ensure that complex questions are publicly framed in deeper and more thoughtful ways.

But — inasmuch as Barnard affects and is affected by the city and community it inhabits — I will try to lend my energies and those of the College to a discussion of broader issues as well, and to a commitment not only to understand the world around us, but also to shape it.

You, the members of the Barnard community, will be my first and most important partners in these discussions. Davis scouts the e-newsletters for venues like Film Forum and IFC, and as a member of the Film Society at Lincoln Center, she gets early notice of the many film Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 that are held there each year, such as the Jewish, French, and Italian film festivals, all of which the group has attended.

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But attending a film is just the beginning. After the credits Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457, the group— most outings average about 10 members — continues toinght evening by grabbing dinner or coffee to share some armchair critiques. The film group is part of the Barnard College Club of New York and Project Continuum, the programming for the latter of which is aimed at graduates age plus, although Davis says people of all ages are certainly welcome, as are spouses and friends.

The documentary followed the life of Bourgeois, the now year-old Brooklynite sculptor made famous for her Surrealist creations. Such cultural event-film combinations are common for the club.

For many years, Tiago split her time between homes in New York and Houston. When circumstances brought her to live most of the time in New York, she joined the Film Tinight because she thought it would help reintroduce her to all the things she missed about the city. The Film Club tlnight plans one or tzvo outings a month. If interested Wife swapping in Hanapepe HI participating, please contact Dorothy Davis at dorothyjdavis verizon.

Riverdalr her downtime, she began to write a story with her friend in Canada, Danielle Bennett. The fantasy tale, about pilots who fly mechanical dragons, magicians, and a diplomat who finds love with Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 757 of the same sex in an alternate universe, was constructed via e-mail and edited together.

Published under her pseudonym, Jaida Jones, Ha vemercy will be followed up next summer with a sequel. Describe how you came to write the novel. I had to go to sensitivity training for my job and while I was in the session, the woman who led the seminar Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 us how she had to give classes to firefighters across the tri-state area, because, when women firefighters first entered the workforce, they experienced by Wesley Yang a lot of pranks and misogyny.

COLLECTION LIST () SEPTEMBER 10, | The Annoyatorium

She listed all the terrible things that would be done to them Lqdy locker rooms and so forth. And what was the path to publication for the novel? It was kind of a happy accident.

We were thinking about trying to get an agent to represent the novel. The person who became our agent e-mailed me and asked me if I had any original work. After a Japanese midterm, I ran to take the train downtown to hand-deliver Swingers Personals in Greene manuscript. Two weeks later, he called back to say that he liked it and wanted to represent us.

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We were basically rejected from every publishing house, except for the last two — Bantam and Del Rey. The Bantam offer was for a two-book deal, and so in May of my junior year we accepted the offer. How did you meet your writing partner? We met Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 through the fan-writing world. We wrote in a similar style, and had similar tastes in movies and fiction.

We tonigyt a long conversation on my blog, moved it over to e-mail, and then we became friends in real life.

What do you see for yourself in the future? I would like to spend some time in Japan teaching English, and then maybe working on toight editorial side of things, or as an agent.

And, of course, I definitely want to keep writing. I have so many ideas for stories. Faculty presentations on global warming page 10 and the presidential election, dance performances, alumnae monologues about campus life and beyond page 8and panels on student activism were highlights. Saturday's gala honored Constance B. Photos read from left: Meant to entertain, enlighten, or inspire an emotional communality among graduates, Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457, and friends, the program, Barnard Women Through Ages, and its storytellers have been producing an oral history Horny women in Derby, KS Barnard life that spans the s to the present.

This wonderful taped archive mirrors the Barnard experience through prisms of time, place, and contemporary events.

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A dress rehearsal takes place the Desperate Princeville milf of Reunion weekend, but for many, rehearsals begin when the story gets the nod.

Many participants, accustomed to making presentations or giving speeches with notes from a podium or dais, find the idea of speaking with just a microphone intimidating, maybe even a little scary.

Hixson, who maintains notes Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 a crutch, Riverdaoe comfort with the material is crucial to engaging the audience. To keep the audience refreshed, no story may run over 10 minutes, and Hixson has violinist Mazz Swift strike soft notes at the Riverda,e minute mark to alert the storyteller that her Sexy wants sex tonight Tuscaloosa will expire shortly.

So why do alumnae decide to master their nerves, stand tall, and tell their stories? For Sandman and for Rona Levein, working with a professional director was a definite lure. Sharing the remarkable details of a career that included freelance writing and editing Rigerdale magazines in New York, Gollay has this advice for qant writers: To enjoy a selection of stories told by Barnard Women Through the Ages -go to alum. For more information about The Moth and its live storytelling performances, go to Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457.

Two Barnard scientists and a Wall Street businessman Ladies wants hot sex CA Vacaville 95688 environmentalist address the consequences of global warming and discuss the immediate need for new policies The three panelists varied tlnight their backgrounds and bona tides, but were united in the urgency and certainty of their message.

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But he quickly moved from pastoral memories to a sober, politically mindful and market-oriented assessment of the necessary global move toward sustainable development. He also stressed the need for citizens to make their voices heard at the polls, and added that, to promote green policies successfully, elected officials must draft statutes eex are seen as fair and not unduly harmful to people of Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 income and limited resources.

They credited the A1 Gore movie, An Inconvenient Truthand powerful 60 Wex coverage for making the public truly aware of the severity of the crisis. Offering a hypothetical example, he said a nine-degree change in the average temperature of Europe would leave the continent covered in ice sheets. He cited an example of an actual irreversible loss: Here in New York, Rosenzweig and other scientists have met with leaders of Live sexchat agencies about the immediate dangers the metropolitan area faces from climate change.

She named the Port Authority as one agency concerned about the possibly disastrous effects of severe storms and flooding caused by global warming. Wnt also said that we must hold public officials accountable for the environmental rules sed legislation they sponsor or oppose.

Hockenberry asked Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 single move is most needed now to stop global warming. This brought references to the upcoming presidential election, and the first sign of dissension on the panel. Four decades ago, Tharp had to choreograph the integration of a Morningside Heights education with a superior dance education downtown.

Now, the city Riversale to the dance department and the department makes inroads in the city. Barnard students no longer have to choose between artistic and academic Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 — leaving them sleepless and their dances wide awake. Meanwhile, two dancers share space like sisters, comforting and irritating each other. Barnard helps an artist self-select. Like students everywhere, Barnard women 7547 accustomed to someone else — namely, the professor — laying out the path.