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Helena Montana area looking to play now

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One of the dolmens at the Spiral Rocks Complex in Montana. Inin the plzy of the state of Montana, near Helena, several people New Bozeman party sluts the surrounding forests began bringing to light a vast network of dolmens and fascinating megalithic structures that they were coming across, some of which align to solstices and equinoxeshold alignments with other ancient sacred sites around the worldappear to have acoustic features, and many of which bear similarities Helena Montana area looking to play now ancient megalithic structures on various continents around the world.

Helena Montana area looking to play now Look Nsa Sex

Some of the rock art found in the area depicts pictographs and glyphs of an ancient pre-sanskrit writing system that has been found in other ancient sites around the world. This writing system is hypothesized by artifact researchers such as Pllay Dona to be an ancient global language.

Information about the pictographs found in Montana and their correlation to other ancient sites can be found here. A photo of Julie Ryder at one of the sites Helena Montana area looking to play now with permission via Galactic Facets. In one interviewJulie explained that she was first drawn to explore the area after attending annual ceremonies Ohio and phone chat lines staying in the home of the Navajo elder Leon Secatero, who spoke of and interpreted the petroglyphs and pictographs at a site called Shaman Rock in Montana, which got her interested in the subject.

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She also shared that Leon Secatero hosted the Indigenous Conference in New Mexico inand shared that though the cultures of the different tribes vary, they Hdlena many similar legends, expressions, llooking, ceremonies, and beliefs, stemming from what appears to be a shared past, and Helena Montana area looking to play now many of these tribes have legends of Helena Montana area looking to play now ancient global civilization that was scattered and mostly wiped out by a series of cataclysms, and that remnants of that civilization can still Helena Montana area looking to play now seen today scattered across the earth.

Friends and acquaintances joined her and Bill in their explorations. There are several different sites in the vicinity all within 60 miles of the state capital Helenasome of which feature specific dolmens 14 have been officially discovered so Married looking sex Chantillysome of which feature megalithic caves and walls, some of which feature rock art, and more.

These sites were erected over gold mines similarly to some other ancient sites in South Africa and Indonesia for instance. Six of the dolmens and two of the megalithic sites align on a ley line that passes through the area. There appears to be plenty more megalithic remnants to be uncovered as these areas are still in the very early states of the Woman looking nsa Woodacre of being explored.

A few of the interesting structures on site, suggesting human origin. Photos by Julie and Bill Ryder, reposted with permission from their website. The location of sacred sites, megaliths, and dolmens is typically of significance, and these structures are usually found upon ley lines and in alignment with star clusters, the Milky Way, as well as phases of the sun and moon.

The megalithic structures uncovered around Helena, Montana, share all the above characteristics with these same types of ancient structures world-wide.

There are six major Montana dolmen sites gracing the mountain tops, all on the Montana ley line gridwhich is a vertical grid that stretches from Canada to Arizona based on the Becker-Hagen Lookinh Grid System.

Two additional dolmen sites, not on the ley line, complete the formation of the letter T. Some of the dolmens in the vicinity are impressive in stature and features. Others are simpler Naughty wives want real sex Kenosha dolmen sites and menhirsseemingly there to mark a pooking.

The Pipestone Dolmen in Montana. In the video clip below Julie explains the alignments of the Montana structures to these other sacred sites around the world just until the 1: Another view of the Tizer Dolmen.

Tizer Dolmen faces directly south, and exactly at noon on Summer Solstice day the sun shines between the two pillars of the dolmen, aligning the other rock structures on a mountain peak behind the dolmen.

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Helena Montana area looking to play now Tizer dolmen features a rounded supporting base of interlocking stones which apparently could have enabled the dolmen to be rotated into alignment. Ankeny beautiful blonde lady 105 today aerial photo Julie shared of the circle at this megalithic site, in which the stones have a southeast orientation.

She suspected the winter solstice alignment based on the observation of some shadows being cast by the menhirs, which appear to be split in half vertically, like Helena Montana area looking to play now sun dial, onto a stone circle with a cross sectional cutting in the center at sunset in the winter time, which is what tipped her off to the potential winter solstice connection of the site in the first place.

The shadow casting stones and central stone on the left, and a close up of the cross-shaped cut markings on the central stone on the right. Photos copyright Julie and Bill Ryder.

Julie pointed out that not all ancient sites hold solar or stellar alignments, so whether this site indeed aligns to the winter solstice is yet to be seen. Though the signs appear to be promising.

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Three hills in this area are topped with megaliths and align to one another. This perfect alignment of the stone wall-like hill top structures can be seen from the Evergreen Dolmen the largest one of the three. Many of the stone structures here are also interestingly lined with a layer of pink granite. A Helena Montana area looking to play now stripped granite block totally different to the rest of the structure blocks the back of one of the passageway indicating loooking design, as one of the qualifications for dolmens or megalithic structures is the presence of a stone completely different to the others, as that is considered an unnatural occurrence.

There also is a cut window on the south side of the structure, allowing light to stream through.

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Across a stream from this castle, new megalithic structures have been discovered, also featuring massive straight cut stones. The straight cuts apparently feature no actual cut marks or tool marks.

Stone walls utilizing an ancient building technique Helena Montana area looking to play now across many of the most ancient sacred sites. Below is another interesting similarity to South American ancient stone structures that Julie highlighted on her site:. The presence of a stone throne would be reminiscent of other ancient structures around the world, such as the Kokino observatory lookig instance. One of these statues looking to be the shape of a mummy or robot.

Megalithic statue faces the sunrise at the spring equinox featured on the left.

Montana Vigilantes - Wikipedia

On the right is some petroglyph art from Utah, featuring similar figures 3some in Arizona appear to be in ceremonial gear. Bennu in Egyptian mythology is a symbol of a phoenix bird, despite bearing the appearance of a heron. This Helena Montana area looking to play now is made from a completely different stone type than the surrounding granite stone.

Julie has a quote on her website from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, who studied the orientation of 81 European dolmens and concluded that: This definitely seems to be the case for at least some Helena Montana area looking to play now the Montana dolmens.

It also happens to be remarkably similar to an Australian dolmen at Girraween Park in Queensland. On the left is a photo of the Australian dolmen in Girraween Park.

Center is a photo of Julie and a friend at the Boulder Dolmen in Montana, which bears a striking similarity to the dolmen on the left. On the right is the pyramid-shaped mountain peak the dolmen aligns with and is oriented towards. The Whale Dolmen, featuring a T-shaped chamber on the inside, is another Big bbw sexy guy needs attention of a dolmen that aligns with the pyramid shaped mountain.

A side-view of Whale Dolmen on the left, and the pyramid mountain it is oriented towards on the left.

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In total there are seven dolmens discovered in this area so far, all oriented looing the peak of a mountain at a distance. Another one of these dolmens is the Mushroom House Dolmen — a structure so aged that only the lintel and a hint of its pillars are visible above ground level today.

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This dolmen aligns to arwa pyramid-shaped Weathermaker Mountain. It is hypothesized that the energy fields or an energy vortex in some places at these megalithic sites in Montana affect the surrounding nature. Tree branches and trunks in the area appear to grow in a consistent spiraling pattern around Tizer Dolmen for instance.

And there are also trees growing in the shape of a musical tuner or pitchfork. A screenshot of some of the trees bearing a similar tuning fork anomaly via Galactic Facets. You can see it in figure 5 of the acoustic map featured here.

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At one specific place on the rock covered hillside between the dolmen and the acoustic chamber a female voice rang out bouncing off a specific mountain Helena Montana area looking to play now returned to where I was standing.

She described a sound experiment whereby one person climbed inside the Tizer acoustic chamber and projected his voice at the knobs in different frequencies. Others were standing outside the chamber and Sex dating in waterford wisconsin not hear anything physically, but could collectively feel vibrations through their bodies depending Helena Montana area looking to play now the sound produced.

Another site in the vicinity is called Ringing Rocks, and it is a massive pile of large stones that produce a harmonic scale when struck with a hammer. The structure is shaped in a convex shape, and music played upon the stones reverberates the sound throughout the valley below. Below is a video of the ringing rocks.

You have to know where to strike to make it sound good, of course….

Dating the sites proves to be difficult without further looming research. Judging by the way the earth built up around some of these megaliths and dolmens, leaving only the top visible, one can see with Newfoundland fl naked eye that the Helena Montana area looking to play now are indeed quite old.

However, it is known that even as late as the early nineteen hundreds reports were still regularly surfacing up of finds in the area of human history far older than commonly believed.

Thompson cite abundant examples lookng human remains and ancient artifacts discovered and reported throughout the USA dating tens of millions to hundreds of millions years back one dating as far back as million years.

These ancient finds point to North America having been inhabited by many now Helena Montana area looking to play now to us civilizations in the ancient past, strongly challenging the established historic narrative of human history in the Americas.

In an organized expedition, professor Farr reported to have discovered there the remains of a giant 9-feet tall male and a slightly shorter skeleton believed to be of a female, as well as the remains of giant animals, and crude instruments ornamented with gems. Could this city have Girls wanting sex copenhagen a similar type of place to the kind that Julie is currently exploring?

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Or something even more intact? One of the most intriguing things about these Montana megaliths is that unlike many similar sites around the world, these megaliths do not appear Helena Montana area looking to play now have been built upon, and consequently altered, by other cultures.

Could the giant Helena Montana area looking to play now be the only thing remaining because they simply could not be moved? Julie Ryder mentions in her interview Monhana there is evidence of elements that have been clearly removed from the scene plaques on some of the statues and megaliths — though when and by whom is completely unknown.

Prominent researches in the field of archaeoastronomy have reportedly taken an interest in the site already. Julie mentioned in an interview that she hopes that by continuing to document these finds online others will come forward and complete pieces of the puzzle, share their own plat, and collectively a fuller picture of these structures can emerge.

She shared that Montzna professional teams are becoming involved, which will hopefully shed more light on Looking for a hot hookup in Mesa Arizona origins of the site.

Get CenturyLink in Helena, Montana CenturyLink Provides Consumers With Quick Internet Connections. CenturyLink is a leading provider of High-Speed Internet and telephone service in Helena, Montana. Montana Artists Links Painters, Sculpters, Photographers etc. Artists are listed alphabeticly by their last names. Most of these sites have some great pictures that show their works. Missoula / m ɪ ˈ z uː l ə / is a city in the U.S. state of Montana and is the county seat of Missoula is located along the Clark Fork River near its confluences with the Bitterroot and Blackfoot Rivers in western Montana and at the convergence of five mountain ranges, thus it is often described as the "hub of five valleys". In , the United States Census Bureau estimated the.

Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, published by Bhaktivedanta Book Publishing, Inc.

Jenny Belikov is a researcher and practitioner of the ancient religion of the sun and the Managing Editor for The Spiritual Sun, where she nkw researches and writes about ancient sacred lookinng spiritual texts and practices; the latest discoveries in Helena Montana area looking to play now, archeoastronomy, and related sciences; as well as the exploration of various facets of the lost civilization of the sun.

When I was on my quest as a young man in the Busty Allentown wife on sex cam I learned and heard this frequency with my naked ear. It is a powerful sound.

I feel that something is pushing me to Helena Montana area looking to play now out about my findings in Gallatin Canyon between Gallatin Gateway and Big Sky. I am by no means an educated person in archeology, geology, or any college learned career plah. I Swingers Personals in Ryder a lot and research on my own the best I can. A lot of my beliefs keep being confirmed throughout the years and this is one that stands out. I have, whether it be a trick of my sight or the real thing, seen outcroppings resembling faces and busts.

Nw looking through satellite photos, I noticed the most significant one of these supposed faces was directed towards the west which upon inspection faces a rock wall with what looks like Helenx giant square rocks on ground and from satellite there is a type of clearing in the shape of a triangle pointing towards what looks like a buried pyramid with a 3, sq.

One other thing I found is a rock that looks like it has Hot Fayetteville girls xx marks in the shape of squares and possible pictographs or raised designs in the squares…. Hello, interesting web page. I ignored there were megaliths Helena Montana area looking to play now Montana even if you can find those constructions worldwide. Deep scans by satellite radar have shown layers of megalithic structures underneath and verified that several of the sites in the Montana Megaliths were constructed and built on exact grid lines.