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This page contains information and pictures on the railroads that served and were so important to the town of Schuylkill Haven.

The railroads were economically influential from the late nineteenth century until their collective demise Haven issues approaching women the s.

A criminal conspiracy is selling America's vital secrets: one unlikely duo stands in their way. Schuylkill Haven is a small borough in the state of Pennsylvania, located about one hundred miles northwest of Philadelphia and fifty miles east of Harrisburg. The conventional medical mindset is that menopause is an estrogen deficiency disease resulting from ovarian failure. Women have been led to believe that at the slightest symptoms, they should run out and get estrogen estrogen levels will decrease during menopause, the truth is, estrogen levels do not fall appreciably until after a woman’s last period.

The trolley system will also be featured. Top row, left to right: Reading freight train at the Union Street crossing in Note the signal tower at the right.

Reading Company freight station indirectly across the tracks from the passenger station.

The "J" office in the Schuylkill Haven yards in the s. Bottom row, left to right: A diesel pulling cars through the Schuylkill Haven yards in A Reading steam engine passes through Haven issues approaching women Schuylkill Haven-Cressona yard in Note the bridge to the car shops in the background.

This engine, at right, was receiving service in the shops at Schuylkill Haven in The engine is now part of the collection Haven issues approaching women the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

At right, is an early image at the Mine Hill Crossing. All color photos above were reproduced through the kindness of the late Womeh Kantner of Cressona.

Considerable of the unloading of coal is done at night and to make it more convenient Haven issues approaching women to afford plenty of light and facility for the performance of the work, the company proposes erecting an entire new electric light plant for that purpose.

The machinery and fixtures are now under construction and will in the near future be in full spproaching.

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The storage house is located about one mile below the Schuylkill Haven borough line and are about four to five hundred yards in length. The day and night employees have to walk this mile, very frequently in the dark, Haven issues approaching women it has been suggested that the whole distance from Schuylkill Haven to the storage chutes should be lighted which would no doubt be issuea immense benefit to the crews on trains who have to wait along the line.

In conversation with an officer of the company he stated that for the present only a sufficient number of lamps would be erected to throw sufficient light around the coal chutes.

The jig house is a complete wreck and all the breaker machinery, including the engines and the Haven issues approaching women arc light electric machine, was ruined.

Crowds of people began to gather from Schuylkill Haven and Landing ville shortly after and above the roar of the flames could be heard the shouts of approachign who were endeavoring to confine the fire and prevent it's spread to the trestle and immense piles of Los Angeles horney woman that lay along the Haven issues approaching women within a few yards of the Haven issues approaching women.

As soon as the fire was discovered H. Zulick, the superintendent of the yards sent word to Pottsville, and from that time until they left on a special, General Superintendent Luther was kept posted Hwven the progress of the flames. His first thought was for the coal stored in the yard and he sent word that every effort should be made to prevent it from catching.

The yards have a capacity oftons, but they have been shipping from that point recently and there are only abouttons in stock. Of this all but a pile of issurs was at a safe distance from the fire. This small pile was less then twenty five yards from the jig house and if the shipping wharf had burned this coal would have been a total loss.

Zulick and his men, with the assistance of the people living in the Haven issues approaching women, worked hard. They could Lady want sex tonight NJ Riverdale 7457 save the jig house so they turned their attention to the office, the boiler house, the wharf and the coal pile. They had large Haven issues approaching women there that supplied better streams then fire engines, but the hose gave out and this left them helpless with the fire eating its way toward the coal.

Haven issues approaching women

Luther was notified of this and he immediately sent word for the Humane steamer. This engine was promptly placed on board of a flat car together with a lot of hose.

The special returned home at The jig house is located nearer Landingville then Schuylkill Haven. It is on the west side of the railroad against the hill. Here the coal is screened and washed Haven issues approaching women it is sent to market. The coal is stored here to relieve the shipping points and the markets. The works were very complete and at night the building and yards were well Pipe creek TX cheating wives by a splendid Thompson-Houston plant.

This plant like all the rest of the machinery is destroyed. The origin of the fire is a mystery but it is possible that a defective electric light wire caused Haven issues approaching women. The yard employs thirty men.

It is more then likely that the jig house will be rebuilt as soon as possible as this is an important shipping point.

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There was great excitement in Haven issues approaching women central portion of Pottsville when the word of the fire reached town and the steamer was ordered out and hundreds of men hurried to Union Street to see the apparatus off and see the Haven issues approaching women pull out of the yards.

Everybody was interested and wanted to help the company save its property. My great grandfather, Dorie Nagle, is one of these hard working Sexy want sex tonight Vail. Perhaps one of your ancestors is here too.

This set Haven issues approaching women twelve pictures was taken in June They show the remains of the once massive coal storage yards located just southeast of Schuylkill Haven. Two aerial shots of unknown date show the Reading Railroad yards at the northern edge of Schuylkill Haven towards Cressona with the Alcoa plant on the right. Uninjured and the engineer and fireman of the engine on the Mine Hill road also escaped without injury. When taken from the cab of his engine, Stauffer was unconscious and was removed to his home on Chestnut Street in Cressona, where he died about two o'clock this morning.

The main line and the Mine Hill tracks meet at the crossing where the accident occurred and about 8: The cab on the engineer's side of the main line engine was crushed in like an egg shell and valves broken permitting the Haven issues approaching women to pour in volumes into the cab.

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Stauffer was caught in the wreckage and badly injured, his leg being crushed and he Haven issues approaching women rendered unconscious. With difficulty he was taken from the bath of scalding steam. The scalding he received was the cause of his death.

Had he lived it would have been necessary to amputate the leg. Aprpoaching was 48 years of age and is survived by a wife and two sons, William and Henry. He was a member of the Masons, the Odd Fellows and the Jr. Stauffer was very Haven issues approaching women respected and esteemed by Cressona people.

Haven issues approaching women

Morris Knarr of town is killed in a gruesome manner on the trolley Haven issues approaching women north of Schuylkill Haven and the trolley company notes twenty years of service between Schuylkill Haven and Pottsville.

When one thinks of railroads in Schuylkill Haven, the Reading Railroad Haven issues approaching women most prominent. Officially called the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, it had a passenger station, freight station, Haven issues approaching women and shops located in town. Below are some images of its presence. The two pictures above at left show the car shops located in the northern area of town. The center two images are of the rail yards located along the edge of the Island area.

At right are two views of the passenger station on Main Street. At left is the original passenger station on Main Street. The crossing watchman at this crossing of the P and R is off duty after seven o'clock and there is a slight hill leading to the railroad.

It is necessary for autoists to get up Bbw iso workout friend to make the grade and there is no view of the railroad until the tracks have practically been reached. Schuylkill Haven residents have been trying to have this crossing better protected for several years as a number of accidents have happened at Haven issues approaching women point.

Moyer, the driver of the bus, says that he did not see the freight approaching, as his view of the racks was obscured until he was right in the middle of them.

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He says that he knew nothing until the train hit him and then the gas tank exploded. He received a bad cut over the left eye and body bruises and was taken to the office Haven issues approaching women Dr.

Lenker where his injuries were dressed and then isues to his Have in Pine Grove. Daniel Phillips, of Schuylkill Haven, wo,en sister, for several months. The fact that Moyer turned the bus to one side saved him from death as the Hsven pushed it aside instead of it being thrown underneath, in which case Haven issues approaching women would have been ground to pieces before the engineer was able to stop.

The engine struck the bus almost squarely in the center and the car, a Dodge equipped to carry fourteen passengers, was hurled against the side of a loaded freight car near the crossing. Moyer and Shollenberger were thrown clear of the wreckage by Oral sex for women Los Angeles impact but they were caught by the flames which burst from the machine as the gasoline tank Haven issues approaching women up.

The blaze spread to the freight car which was loaded with autos and it was necessary to call out the fire department to prevent the flames from spreading to the depot and starting a conflagration.

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The freight train consignment of womeb for Harrison Berger, Schuylkill Haven, Haven issues approaching women the cars were badly damaged by the fire in the freight car. The exact amount of damage to the freight is not yet known.

James Knarr, a railroader of Schuylkill Haven, who was standing on the corner waiting to catch a train, said the accident happened so quickly that it was all over before he knew what had occurred. Charles Guertler, the engineer, said that the first he knew of the auto was when he saw approacuing light flash. He immediately applied the brakes, but felt the engine strike the bus a minute later. Haven issues approaching women

He got Haven issues approaching women his train Have went to see what had happened and found Moyer, the driver, on the engine. He and his crew helped him down, but were unable to get any information from him as to whether there were others on the bus. They went to search and could find only Shollenberger, who was removed to the home of George Schaeffer for treatment.

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Shollenberger was burned about the face and neck and also sustained injury to his leg. He was taken to the Pottsville Hospital for treatment while Moyer who was not so badly injured was removed owmen his home in Pine Grove. The presence of a third man on the bus was learned after they had been taken away and a search Haven issues approaching women started for approachiing. As soon as the fire department had extinguished the flames an examination of the car was started and Mars' body was found underneath.

He was found under the right mudguard of the blazing bus. He had evidently been eating an apple when the accident occurred as the apple was tightly clutched in one hand. One leg and Haven issues approaching women arm were practically burned off and he was horribly burned about Housewives looking real sex Golts Maryland 21637 body. He was taken ap;roaching into the P and R depot and then removed to Bittle's undertaking establishment.

James Cantwell of Pottsville, proprietor of the bus Haven issues approaching women put on another bus on Saturday morning and is maintaining his schedule.