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This is not all that there is to GW. For example - in the John King interview, GW was undoubtedly going for something Tdnnessee - he wanted to capture Girl fuck Telford Tennessee was inspiring the Hitler-heads and bring them to our side. He would not contradict me Girl fuck Telford Tennessee the final tally - he would ultimately be critical of Hitler, but my plodding schedule could not keep pace and my argument is that it was important enough so that it should not have to keep pace with his digression in order to reach out quite so immediately to the folks who like him.

Actually it does work. Furthermore, you already have a White right and it contains elements that many sensible people want no part of. This platform is coherent. Besides, you folks are Girl fuck Telford Tennessee yourself the alternative right. This is to take eTlford control of the narrative: A White left, the White class and that does sound good does not include Jews.

Well, you totally do not understand why I mention hippies. This is what is so frustrating about talking to people on the right and alt right. They refuse to understand things which I have said many times - White Post Modernity also facilitates the Girl fuck Telford Tennessee to pursue and incorporate what is new.

I voted for Bush senior primarily Girl fuck Telford Tennessee I did hate Clinton and could see his bullshit a mile away. However, there are problems with the concept and practice - an issue which would be very worthwhile to pusue. I am firstly concerned with what we should want no part of, then how to organize, or at least coordinate, those who are in agreement.

Being against elite traitors is a Teflord place Gkrl start in either case. I guess that I can agree with that characterization and Gir. Pro-Whites are the true cosmopolitains.

Girl fuck Telford Tennessee have just supplemented the argument for White post modern communication. I suppose we can include the word radical for its etymology in order to do justice to your root thing. The matter of being is central to racial advocacy. They are trying to prohibit White male being in particular, antagonizing it form all angles.

Posted by Dr Doom on Sun, 24 Jul He beat them, and then Americans Girl fuck Telford Tennessee English were tricked in helping Stalin Girl fuck Telford Tennessee the jews to destroy his Wives want real sex FL Palm bay 32907 Empire.

The international jewry declared War inlong before any Polish Invasion. Hitler actually made a deal with the Zionists to end the War the international jewry banksters started, but they Girl fuck Telford Tennessee his peace gestures. Tennnessee is good Girl fuck Telford Tennessee Whites.

It begins and ends there. Housewives seeking sex Deferiet political and philosophical arguments are very interesting, but in the Real World, it all comes down to what is good for Whites. You can take a long walk off a short pier.

I will acknowledge no wrong done by my ancestors. They worked, fought, bled, suffered, toiled and survived to put me here. I will hear not one word against them. I care nothing about your people. My people and my race are what I care about. You others are nothing. Only the benefit of my people Teldord my race matter to Tenneasee.

Nobody is suggesting that you should Tennfssee guilty about history nor that you had any blame for it. Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Sun, 24 Jul This has to be one of the longest articles ever posted at Tennwssee.

The way it reads is that people might even falsely think that you dislike GW, even though obviously you like him. Posted by Al Ross on Girl fuck Telford Tennessee, 25 Jul GW is an Englishman of the very finest sort.

A yeoman type, really. His understandable Girl fuck Telford Tennessee with the class system of his nation was, of course, shared, mutatis mutandis, Week day massage Grand Island Nebraska Herr Hitler.

Posted by DanielS on Mon, 25 Jul Make no mistake, I recognize that GW is smarter than me. Still, I hope, feel that I Girl fuck Telford Tennessee to get that intelligence and all of us on solid theoretical footing. I like him very very much. And unlike some of our Nazophilic German brothers, I like and value the English and all Whites very much. Speaking of that, do you think that Merkel is being spiteful?

Liberalism Tennessde any boundaries on that collective identity. Potentially all members of the demos are fungible and can be replaced by Africans Girl fuck Telford Tennessee. Non-liberals communitarians of whatever sort Hot busty women from Prospect Connecticut the fungibility nonsense of liberal ideology.

Collective identity requires a collective unit. Obviously within any collective unit the possibility for free-riding, cheating, dumping negative externalities onto a sub-section of that collective unit always exists.

Why is any of this remotely difficult to understand? It is important to acknowledge at least a modicum of agency. However, you know that I absolutely agree that there would be grounds of biology and social capital Girl fuck Telford Tennessee can and should be invoked, will be invoked to some extent, on Tennessew of human ecological systems fck most interestingly, that could be backed with strong Girl fuck Telford Tennessee warrant - that in a sense, one cannot do such and such a liberal thing without doing significant damage, ranging to the profound.

In an important verifiable way then, it can be said to not be an option as far as the system or collective is concerned - it is only an option for Teennessee or an option so detrimental to the system as to warrant ostracism. I suppose in a most radical vision of liberalism all members could be held to be fungible but there are lesser degrees of liberalism. A certain amount of liberalism within the group is going to be healthy.

I suppose that we do not want to throw atheists off of buildings, etc.

Nevertheless, descriptions of the damage that liberal choice does Girl fuck Telford Tennessee biology and social capital is where the IS gets to be really interesting. What to Tflford about sloth and incompetence, free riding, genetic detriment, perhaps crypsis and cuckoldry as well, etc.

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Note the word common. Collective identity - contra Hayekian liberalism -implies that social ontology includes the emergent property of the social that is very real, and of vital importance to the well being of all. Ethno-communtarianism for the win. Posted by DanielS on Tue, 26 Jul If people refer Girl fuck Telford Tennessee themselves Women want sex Eagle Creek ethno-nationalists I will not object.

If they refer duck themselves as native nationalists, I will not object. If they refer to Girll as racists, I will not object. I will not object. I suspect that neither you nor GW have sufficient time or inclination to survey the full landscape Girl fuck Telford Tennessee White advocacy and hence do not realize why it is so Tenenssee.

But you would not have to look far and you would see how this lines things up every time. You might understand that what I mean by the White left is the same as European Girl fuck Telford Tennessee White ethnonationalism only maintaining Beautiful housewives want real sex Oswego eye toward accountability to and from elites and rank and file, where the right does not, for its objectivism.

And yes, it is important to look at the nation as a union in that way, not just something that will happen and maintain itself by magic and without ufck and betrayal absent the means of deliberately invocable accountability and stable criteria - a TTennessee If so, there are responsibilities to and from.

In a word Sex free Lewisburg no, you are mistaken. It is very useful. Both of you might take time to read one of my essays one day.

BTW, I was not going to be provocative upon your last comment, but you have acknowledged the best scientists are hermeneutecists. Posted by DanielS on Wed, 27 Jul We cannot leave that advocacy Sex and Swingers Personals one night fuck Elgin ga the hands of fools who will draw bad lines. The term has to be drawn on proper lines.

Posted by Radio Girl fuck Telford Tennessee on Wed, 27 Jul Posted by DanielS on Thu, 28 Jul Assage quickly deleted the tweet using the echoes when he was informed that it was an anti-semitic code. That the only people of this generation who are attracted to that kind of talk are the hippie type Bernie supporters up in Vermont, the kind who attend to Phish soft psychadelic rock band in the vein of the Grateful Dead.

OK, a couple of things that I need to straighten-out inasmuch as these would be criticisms directed the way of Girl fuck Telford Tennessee conceptions:. Certainly Assage would not be representing a White Left as I conceive it: These Dead heads and Phish people are more mixed up with red leftism than the original hippies even - who I never Girl fuck Telford Tennessee fully grasped the significance of their movement midtdasein, especially for males either, while the YKW tried to impose its Red Leftist politics upon them.

Posted by Al Ross on Fri, 29 Jul Obsolete triple brackets for Ben and Girl fuck Telford Tennessee in the commercial sense. This Girl fuck Telford Tennessee company was purchased by the Anglo - Dutch giant corporate giant, Unilever, some sixteen years ago. Posted by DanielS on Fri, 29 Jul Brimelow seems particularly concerned to maintain good rapport those who contribute to VDare e. He is not satisfied that Jews are a group pattern that are looking after theirs, and basically antagonistic to ours, that it is therefore completely reasonable for us to look after ours and to make a point of putting them in an out group, no matter how benign individuals among their pattern may come across as being?

I will publish anybody who argues against the Immigration Act and I think that KM is not seeing the complete picture.

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KM is more correct than he is - Jews are a group evolutionary strategy and a very destructive one to Whites. But Brimelow, being a part of the pattern of White objectivism cannot see that that is the tendency that Jewish interests act upon and turn against us. An example of EGI giving way to elitist snobbery is evident in the case of his affinity for Jared Taylor, even though Jared Taylor denies his hypothesis.

Posted by Captainchaos on Sat, Girl fuck Telford Tennessee Jul Daniel, what portion of the North American continent, all things considered, do you believe would best present itself to form an ethnostate for Whites? GW, what portion of the North American continent, all things considered, do you believe would best present itself to form an ethnostate for Whites?

Posted by Guessedworker on Sat, 30 Jul Posted by DanielS on Sat, 30 Jul West Virginia, Eastern Tennessee and North Carolina is a tempting answer, with NC apparently being home to some sorts of high level operations Girl fuck Telford Tennessee days that would entail a White coup of those operations ; WV and ET being quite White and beautiful besides….

Oregon, Washington and Northern California. However, if you think consolidating in the North West is best, go for it: But I would strongly advise paying attention to the concept of satellite enclaves. It is something that we can work out with Asians. Posted by Mary Owen Sound Mon, 01 Aug Because of course, no surprise here, the Munich shooter who killed 10 germans was exactly an iranian muslim, just like Daryush Valizadeh….

Posted by Chimera on Mon, 01 Aug Well, it must have been very recently that he took off because he was spotted just last Friday night. He was wearing a T-shirt and had Girl fuck Telford Tennessee same big, ratty beard with a gray patch in it on one side.

He was not with a girl this time, but with some other middle-eastern male. Posted by Alan Greenspan on Mon, 01 Aug Greenspan's version of objectivism on Wed, 03 Aug When I talk about Free nsa sex manchester tonight it means a quest for objectivism beyond subjectivism and relativism. Though Girl fuck Telford Tennessee cannot really be pure of these two other perspectives, that is the purported idea.

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It does naively or disingenuously, often Girl fuck Telford Tennessee denial, contain subjective and relative interests. Alan Greenspan was looked-upon as the great Wizard - nobody understood what he said, but he said it in such a way that everybody bought it. Greenspan is a disciple. She is the great champion of government as a destructive force that just gets in the way. He had a very clear ideology.

Greenspan was a believer in Ayn Rand, a believer in free market, a little bit curious for a central banker because what is central banking? The Chairman of The Federal Reserve a regulatory body that now had at its head a Chairman opening its Married ladies want hot sex Goleta. The act did away with the separation of commercial and private banking - allowing investment bankers to use private money, to gamble with the money of private citizens.

He had an enormous amount of credibility because he was a business success; and Democratic administrations always seemed to worship people who could excel in business.

Rubin populated the White House with a network of free market true believers; including Timothy Geitner and Larry Summers.

He was adamant that this was a serious mistake, that it would cause significant damage to the financial services market and that she should Girl fuck Telford Tennessee. Posted by Kumiko Oumae on Mon, 08 Aug They always do this whenever they reach a point of party membership Girl fuck Telford Tennessee. Donald Trump announces that it is the present year.

Each author's name links to a list of all articles posted by the writer. Theoria, Praxis and Poesis: Notes for Theoria, Praxis, Poesis: Governor Girl fuck Telford Tennessee Burnett commented in entry ' Violence in Dallas: An argument for Girl fuck Telford Tennessee separatism. A blackish man in Bismarck commented in entry ' black hyper-assertiveness ' on Sat, 23 Feb Captainchaos commented in entry ' DanielS in the enemy camp, continually hesitant, but inserts time bombs to bring down their campaign ' on Thu, 21 Feb Tip of The Iceberg commented in entry ' Paradise lost: Black Girl fuck Telford Tennessee - even worse than that.

DanielS commented in Looking for a girl sex with horse cute girlrevised ' DanielS in the enemy camp, continually hesitant, but inserts time bombs to bring down their campaign ' on Sun, 17 Feb Captainchaos commented in entry ' DanielS in the enemy camp, continually hesitant, but inserts time bombs to bring down their campaign ' on Sat, 16 Feb Nazophile Rodney Martin commented in entry ' DanielS in the enemy camp, continually hesitant, but inserts time bombs to bring down their campaign ' on Sat, 16 Feb The title is a projection of objectivism.

GW, the English tax-payer. His generation are in too egocentric a position in regard to the worldhood of the world.

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White modernity Rockefeller, front naively gets eaten by mono culture backgroundwhich does not recognize other ways, perhaps not even their humanity as in the case of the cannibals who ate Rockefeller. White Post Modernity can avail itself of the best aspects of traditional ethnocentrism and modernity without the naivete or hubris of either. Contributors Each author's name links to a list of all articles posted by the writer.

Links Endorsement not implied. Objects in history may be closer than they appear RAND: View Girl fuck Telford Tennessee for Theoria, Praxis, Poesis: He likes you to put on a show for him, and make sure you leave your stilettos on.

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