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Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 I Search Adult Dating

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Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23

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This story is a fantasy based loosely on real events. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

selrction It happens to everyone, right? I got a summons at what seemed like the worst possible time for me, but when would you ever say, this is the perfect time for jury duty? I was recently divorced, and I had just moved in with my parents, because I was, well, broke.

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Worse yet, I was just starting a new job. Like, it would have been my third day there.

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They were gracious enough about it, but I guess there wasn't really anything they could do. So there I was at 8: There were hundreds of jurors called. The room was full of people. I Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 a book with me and figured I'd probably 44 spending the Cyte day reading and then they would send me home. Of course life wouldn't be that simple.

Hot wife seeking nsa Inverness check-in, and a speech by one of the judges, they started showing us an instructional video about being a juror. Before the video was even over, the clerk Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 it to tell us they were picking jurors for a case.

There were hundreds of jurors there, so the odds were very much against hearing my name, so of course I was 7th on their seldction. Cursing my luck and the founding fathers and anything else I could think of, I was herded upstairs with the rest of the lucky jurors, with the same kind of grim resignation that people probably felt on their way to the gas chamber.

Nobody spoke or even Cutw at each other. Eventually we got to the courtroom and were instructed to sit on the benches at the back of the room.

Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 I Am Wants Sexy Dating

I filed in and took a spot on a bench, and suddenly noticed that the girl filing in next to me was fairly cute. She was maybe 5 foot 4 with a round face.

She had long brown hair, a gray top, a gray skirt that went all the way to her ankles, and sneakers. Here I was in my best work clothes. I should've worn sneakers too, I guess. What would they have done, held me in contempt and thrown me in jail?

Of course I only took a second to glance at my neighbor as she sat down, and then it was back to staring straight ahead of me. The judge explained the jury process to us, and then asked if there was Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 reason that anybody felt they couldn't serve on this jury. One woman knew one of the witnesses. One lady stood up and said she was an attorney and had worked Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 the plaintiff's attorney before. Then the woman on the other side of me also said she was familiar with Heading out to women seeking dick in Scappoose of the witnesses.

Back to the jury pool, ma'am. The rest of us stood up to let her pass. I bumped into my cute neighbor accidentally standing up. We mumbled to each other about being sorry.

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We bumped into each other again sitting down. We mumbled to each other about being sorry again. I shuffled a little into the now empty space next to us to give us more room.

The fleeting contact stayed in my mind, though. I chanced a glance at her. Could she be single? Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 brought two huge bags with her. One I judged to be a large purse. The other held reading materials and maybe some snacks or something. I stole another glance at the side of her face. She was totally into what was going on. The clerk was calling out names to go sit in the jury box.

I selecton a quasi-photographic memory so I seection realized that they were calling names in the same order they had called us downstairs.

jury videos -

Sure enough, I was number seven, and grudgingly stood up and made my way past her to the jury box, brushing past her legs as I did so. It was a civil trial, so there were seven jurors. I was the last juror called. I wondered if Windsor NJ bi horney housewifes was the end of our brief flirtation.

The judge was now explaining to us that she was going to ask a series of questions for the benefit of herself and sflection. We could be excused for no reason at all by either counsel. I thought to myself that I would be my true opinionated self and get kicked off the jury panel in no time. The jury selection process seemed like it was going to go really quickly at first. Only 2 of the original six jurors were excused on the way Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 get to me.

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In listening to the questions that were asked, I knew that I could be completely honest in my answers and get kicked off the jury. I just knew it. My questioning began, and sure enough when the time came I told them that I thought that tort reform was a good idea.

I got called up to seletion bench along with counsel. I explained to them that I believed that it was necessary to limit frivolous Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 and cap settlements. This was a personal injury case!

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There was no way the plaintiff's attorney would still want me on the jury after a speech like that, right? I went back to my seat and finished my questioning. Next the attorneys had their chance to dismiss any jurors for any reason. The plaintiff's attorney stood up and asked to dismiss juror number 6.

I was so sure I would be the one to go I was halfway out of srlection seat. Juror number 6 was dismissed and Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 replaced by the next person called. The defense attorney asked to dismiss juror number 4. I knew at that point that I was on this jury for the duration. Somehow picking a new juror number 4 proved to be nearly impossible. Juror after juror sat down in the empty chair. A couple had excuses jurry why they would not be able to In search of woman friend on a trial, like an important business meeting tomorrow, or a doctor's appointment they couldn't easily reschedule.

Brad Pitt rejected for jury duty in LA as his 'presence is too distracting' | Daily Mail Online

They were quickly dismissed. A couple of the people were clearly wacko. We went through several people, and then stopped for lunch. I wandered off on my own to an Italian restaurant down the juty. I was sure that hundreds of people from the courthouse would come crowding into the place at lunchtime, but the place stayed strangely empty.

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The pizza was good, too. We were instructed to wait outside the jury room after an hour, and we would be led back to the courtroom. I ate and was back in plenty of time, well-fed and restless. I found myself pacing back and forth along the hallway. I kept thinking about my new job and how I was on jury duty instead of being on what would've been my third day of work.

I was just starting to learn about my job and here I was pacing around a courthouse. I spotted se,ection cute neighbor, sitting at one of the tables by the snack machines and reading a magazine out of one of her huge bags. I wasn't the type to start a conversation with people I didn't really know, so Cute girl at jury selection on 4 23 just kept pacing the halls until the clerk came and escorted us all back to the courtroom.

The jury pool continued to dwindle after lunch. Twice the judge made it through all of her questions, only to have one of the attorneys ask to dismiss the juror.

Once I was really glad because it was a crazy old man with an awful speech selectioon.

Woman sentenced to indefinite jury duty after racist remarks on questionnaire | Daily Mail Online

I couldn't imagine having to sit in a jury room and deliberate with him. Eventually we got to the point where there were only about half a dozen potential jurors left out of the original Worse still, several of them were called up to the bench for 'asides' like I was and every other one of them was let go.

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I couldn't believe I was still there! At least the cute girl was still sitting out there. I sdlection if and when she would get called. Suddenly it was her turn. Her name was Nicole, it turned out. I turned to watch her walk across the courtroom and sit in the vacated chair.

She wasn't too graceful.