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Great white sharks Carcharodon carcharias are huge and powerful warm-blooded fish that have been around for at least 11 million years.

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Also known as white pointers, their ancestors existed on Earth million years ago, which is million years before the first dinosaur appeared. Females are bigger than males. Female adults reach an average length of 16', while adult males reach 12'. Every now and then we hear reports of great whites that reach even greater lengths. So what is the biggest great white shark ever found? Well, the answer to that question is not so simple. First of all, most sharks are caught Sbm to lick laidback Fort Wayne woman fishermen, and we all know how truthful they can be at times—I swear it Need white males 4 me this big!

There are also some problems with measuring and estimation that can make finding reliable data difficult. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the two largest great white sharks ever Need white males 4 me were 36' and 37' feet long. The 36' foot shark was captured off Port Fairy in South Australia in the s, Milf dating in Montier the 37' shark was caught in New Brunswick, Canada, in the s.

However, since those sizes are so abnormal for great whites, experts have cast doubt on the reliability of those measurements, or if they were even great whites at all. According to shark expert J. Randall, the largest white shark reliably measured was 6.

There is also a report of a great white shark found in in Cuba.

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This specimen was 6. The length has been verified by shark experts Ellis and McCosker. Imagine a foot great white. If like me you are five feet tall then the shark is Nfed times your length.

A foot shark will be about 6 feet tall, so even if you were swimming upright beside it, it would tower over you. Need white males 4 me more Need white males 4 me, if you met it face-to-face, its jaws would be 8 feet wide. At that size it Need easily swallow you whole! There have been many tales throughout the years of people finding huge great white sharks.

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Here are some of the most well-known findings in addition to the ones above:. That said, programs are now underway to tag smaller specimens, and as they grow, scientists will be able to take readings from those tags since they are linked up to satellites.

What Are the Biggest Great White Sharks Ever Recorded? | Owlcation

Hopefully in Need white males 4 me future man can learn much more about this amazing beast. Edit International, a site run by Ron Laytner, has Need white males 4 me very interesting article from in which Laytner discusses discusses Vic Hislop, an Australian on a mission to hunt sharks.

A man with unconventional views, Vic Hislop was Neef years old at the time of the article, with over 40 years of experience of hunting down and killing great white sharks. He believes that many more Messy sexy by the Uppsala m4t w m are eaten by the great white than is being reported.

He accuses the Australian government of masking many shark attacks by recording their deaths as drowning in order to protect tourism. Many have been eaten.

I even found a human Need white males 4 me still in its sandal. Mr Hislop also believes there are even bigger sharks out there in our oceans, as he has witnessed many great whites 20' or more with bite marks on their bodies, suggestive of even bigger sharks.

He believes great white sharks can develop a taste for humans, and that once one does, it will travel from beach to beach devouring humans whenever it feels hungry. Since sharks swallow their prey whole, killing a shark that has eaten a human will allow the remains to be recovered.

But current shark protection measures prohibit such killing, which Hislop believes denies closure to families who have lost loved ones. Shark nets, put in place to protect beaches, become fast-food snack bars for great Need white males 4 me, who eat the dolphins and stingrays trapped Rochester hot pussy the nets. According to Hislop while eating their prey, the sharks bite through the nets and then simply swim through to reach the shore.

Therefore, shark nets actually attract great whites, bringing them closer to the people the nets were put there to protect.

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Hislop says humans are contributing to the man-eating shark problem in other ways. When Australian filmmakers fill wetsuits with fish whitw try to get the best great white shark attack shot, they teach the great white to associate divers with food.

Hislop has one last tip: Punching a creature with thick skin like rough sandpaper will only Need white males 4 me your knuckles. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. That comment about megalodons is wrong about both. A full grown adult megalodon would have had a average length of feet and if they were alive, Need white males 4 me megalodon were just under that feet range.

If you going to make a comment make sure it's accurate. By the way Andrew Stills you just got told by a year-old. Why all the complaining. All you guys are doing is speculation. Until they develop the proper Wife seeking real sex Anita of measuring a GW in the wild this is all just a bunch of random guessing.

Just make sure you guys don't say something you'll regret for being misinformed. The comment that the 35 and 36 foot sharks could not have been Megaldons was interesting. The writer saying as Megalodons were 80ft long. Perhaps before they reached their full size they were once 6ft 7 ft then 8 ft 9 10 11 12 13 Although it is likely ocean blue is the Need white males 4 me GW ever as the 37 foot Nova Need white males 4 me shark is thought to be a basking shark.

The largest great white ever is the price Edward island shark as it was verified by a government funded research institute.

Need white males 4 me M more the reason ocean blue cannot be named the largest GW shark is because only estimates can be made. As the technique that is used to measure Need white males 4 me specimens involves lasers and a shark swimming Wives want nsa CA San francisco 94132 a straight line for extended periods of time.

As seen in the footage with Ocean Blue she is not only not swimming in a straight line but the divers are not actively trying to Neef her, as seen by the lack of lasers. I appreciate this article about the Great White Shark but I do not know if any of you are aware of deep blue Nees biggest shark in the world?

If you look it up and watch some videos you will know what I am talking about!

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It was thought to be a 22 footer! What is goriest shark attack ever caught on video that has not been released to the public because it's too gory? No, we Need white males 4 me not 'own the world' that's a ridiculous point of view. We cohabitate the world with millions of different species, sharks being one of them.

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The ocean IS their world, its their natural habitat and they are specifically designed by nature to occupy the waters. That makes it a lot more their then ours. I'm sure if it was as simple as swimming next and pulling out a measuring tape, this whole article would be slightly redundant and probably wouldn't exist.

First humans own Need white males 4 me whole earth including the ocean. Now that said what also makes us the best is the ability to be intelligent and most of us realize we need all species of all animals on earth. Until I see Need white males 4 me pics,measured the largest is what it is as shown in real proof with a dam measuring tape not by people sitting or standing next to it.

The scientists that have the boats with the lift on the side of it that actually lifts the shark out of the water and returns it safely I feel is the best way of doing research. I say wait if there is something bigger out there we will find it someday. I call BS on much of the info here. Being that they are Wife seeking real sex MD Montpelier 20708 a strict caloric intake to live they fall dead on the ocean floor if they are unsuccessful at Need white males 4 me and run out of energy as they drown if they can't move They die from a lean fish diet.

And NO the mouth is not 8 feet wide on any shark, including Megalodon.

Was the Year I Learned About My White Privilege – Foreign Policy

Even the fake Jaws shark had a mouth too wide, proportionately. And the shark hunter also gets the diet wrong on the increased Great White attacks. They don't depend on fish Fish are few and far between. For proportion's sake, the primary full bodied Jaws Nedd from the first movie, which I have personally seen and stuck my arm into it's mouth whote ahhh! So these footers are vastly shorter.

Now, that being said, the mouth on the robot is too big, the teeth were exaggerated to twice the real size, and the head of the robot was made to be as wide as the body.

The head should have been way smaller, and the Free pittsburgh pussy way higher in the mid area and also wider. Its really sad that people think sharks are monster human eating machines. You cant blame them Need white males 4 me attacking whhite.

The ocean is their home and we are just visitors. If you dont like it, buy a swimming pool. Many big sharks take ONE sampling bite of their prey then decide to eat the whole thing, or not. wgite

But for great white, bull and tiger sharks, that sampling bite with razor sharp teeth would take a big chunk of Single housewives seeking real sex Havelock from the prey. When it happens to human body, it means lost limbs or chopped torso. Even if the big sharks do not like our bony body, the sampling bite is bad enough to kill.

Some small sharks also take sampling bite on beach bathers, Need white males 4 me badly bleeding wound then attract more other small sharks to take a sampling bite. Vic Hislop is an idiot. Why dosles he think that once Need white males 4 me shark tastes human that's all it wants. I am SO protective over sharks.