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Exclusive: Cathy Hackl joins leading AR/VR firm You Are Here Labs

Spend a little time on LinkedIN and Facebook Groups dedicated to VR/AR, and you will find one of her posts & discussions. One of the more active and respected members of the international VR/AR Community, Cathy Hackl is also one of the strongest advocates for the increase of visible minorities in tech as a whole. She started our call this morning by enthusiastically stating that “Our future needs females!”, and I cannot help but agree that our ever-so-slightly dude-centric industry could definitely use more diversity.

I got to know Cathy through her “Latin@s In VR/AR” Facebook group, where her insights were consistently creative and thought-provoking. What a pleasure it has been to witness her meteoric rise over the past few years, leading onto her becoming the HTC Vive Evangelist, where she helped grow VIVE’s influencer network and served as a liaison between VIVE and several enterprise and education clients. She played an important role during the launch of their VIVE Pro headset as well as their partnership with Warner Brothers’ blockbuster, Ready Player One.

The co-author of the bestselling Marketing New Realities: An Introduction to VR & AR Marketing, Branding & Communications begins a new chapter today. It is with great pleasure that we get to announce that Cathy has just joined You Are Here Labs, a leading AR & VR lab headquartered Atlanta as Lead Futurist. Considered one of the most influential women and Latinas in the AR/VR tech industry, she will be leveraging her strategic insights to help the company and its clients.

“In our industry, technology is changing each day. Having an expert focused on our industry’s future will be a great asset to our clients,” said John Buzzell, President of You Are Here, “Cathy’s strong voice and industry relationships will increase our strategic value to agencies, brands and companies using Augmented & Virtual Reality.”

You Are Here Labs produces immersive experiences for marketing and training. Since 2012, the team has helped agencies, brands and companies market and train with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and other immersive experiential technologies. Clients include AT&T, Porsche, Lexus, Carnival Cruise Lines, National Geographic and NBC Sports.

“It’s an honor to be part of a new wave of female leaders focused on the future. With this strategic role, I am working to help women break the ‘virtual’ ceiling.”  – Cathy Hackl

An Emmy-nominated communicator, Cathy was named one of the top women in Virtual Reality by NBC News, and as one of the World’s Most Influential People in VR & AR by IZEA and Onalytica. She is an expert in the immersive industry and sought-after international VR & AR speaker with recent appearances at SXSW, Social Media Marketing World, Hispanicize, FUEL, TEDx Costa Rica and VR Fest MX.

In addition, Hackl sits on the advisory board of the VR/AR Association. She also worked at cinematic VR studio Future Lighthouse (producers of Melita, one of my favorite VR experiences), on projects with Oculus, Sony Pictures and Pernod Ricard. She was also selected as an Oculus Launchpad fellow in 2017 and assisted UPS as a VR expert during the launch of their VR driving training program, which we wrote about this past August.

We hope that you will join us in congratulating Cathy for her new role!