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Apple Patents what could be much smaller and lighter VR Headset

Apple Patents what could be much smaller and lighter VR Headset

We know, we know… Companies submit on a frequent basis, and quite often, they amount to nothing. But we must still always keep track of what the majors do, just in the event the application does amount to an actual product. This past week, Apple submitted a patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that shows a multi-lens AR/VR headset build that could help in reducing fatigue while using it.

The idea seems to use stacks of lenses to reduce the optical path; thus reducing weight. Called “Optical System for Head-mounted Display,” the patent shows a design that makes use of a catadioptric optical system; a combination of both concave and convex lenses in a single assembly. Bending the light back and forth allows it to fold and be directed in a more controlled manner. Reducing the amount of distance it needs to travel to provide the impression of a larger display.

In all fairness, this not exactly a new solution; as it is currently used to construct telescopes and zoom lenses for DSLRs.

As we stated above, the patent may not be a real product as many patents are filed to safeguard ideas rather than for commercialization. That said, Apple clearly has plans for both AR and VR; and we can’t wait to see them realized!