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The AR|VR|MR Immersive Directory: this ain’t your Uncle’s Association

The AR|VR|MR Immersive Directory: this ain’t your Uncle’s Association

He doesn’t wear a mask and cape. He just wants you to get sh*t done, and wants you to succeed. Noticing how hard it is to vet and find proper creators in the AR/VR/MR/360 sphere (pun intended), California-based Christopher Lafayette decided to do what most Serial Entrepreneurs do: he took matters into his own hands.

The man behind The Aramada, a Co-working space & VR/AR/MR Holodeck in San Jose, created the AR|VR|MR Immersive Directory, meant to be an online resource with multiple uses. Content Creators can sign up for FREE, which will allow them to be easily discovered by Studios/Brands/Agencies Worldwide. Unlike certain Associations, Christopher is not trying to make money from this venture. Knowing that the vast majority of Startups can’t afford to sign up to these Associations, he vowed to keep this a Free service.

But don’t get it wrong: every single applicant is vetted through their Work & Expertise.

When I asked him for his motivation behind this project that can only be described as a labor of Love, the simplicity & humility in his answer quite honestly blew me away: “I want to see people win, because I know how hard it can be.” One of his latest posts on LinkedIn will attest to that statement:

Chris is not our hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. We raise our glass to you, good sir.
The 360VR Community strongly encourages you to sign up and be discovered!