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FCC Documents disclose the Daydream-powered Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Headset

FCC Documents disclose the Daydream-powered Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Headset

We were SO excited during the Google I/O 2017 Conference, when WorldSense was announced, along with what was to be associations with both HTC & Lenovo (although HTC has recently seemingly stepped away from this association) to manufacture Google Daydream-powered Standalone VR Headsets that would work with a new technology (WorldSense) developed by the collaborative efforts of Google & QualComm.

According to the FCC Documents, Lenovo application for a “Standalone Virtual Reality Headset with Daydream” has been approved. Coming soon to a face near you: the Lenovo Mirage Solo. While everyone is rejoicing, I can’t help myself but ask…


WorldSense tech is supposed to provide 6DoF, something the FCC Documents don’t specify. All we know is that the unit has a controller, and a 4,000mAh lithium-ion battery, which confirms that it will doesn’t require a smartphone for its content.

However, as great as the news of a potential new Lenovo Standalone VR Headset to be launched on January 9th at CES 2018 sounds, we still don’t really know if this is a 3DoF headset to rival Oculus GO or if it’s going to be the (potential) 1st truly Standalone VR Headset to provide a full 6DoF to be released outside of China. We’re looking at you, HTC Vive Focus…

Call me a hopeful romantic, but I want to believe! 😄