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This Pop-Up Shop’s VR Experience Lets You See Exactly How And Where Your Clothes Were Made

This Pop-Up Shop’s VR Experience Lets You See Exactly How And Where Your Clothes Were Made

A Mexican-based Socially-Responsible Fashion Brand & Clothing Store is doing something really interesting with Virtual Reality. Before we even get to the VR part, let’s explain what they do. The apparel brand, called Someone Somewhere,  launched five years ago in response to a problem artisans encounter in their daily lives. According to the label’s press release, “200 million global artisans live with less than $2 US a day,” with “one billion family members directly impacted by this situation.” As a result, José Antonio Nuño, the company’s general director, and Uriel Serrano, its creative director, and their team created Someone Somewhere to help alleviate this problem.

This is where Virtual Reality comes into the picture.

Someone Somewhere teamed up with Toronto-based House of VR to create a Pop-Up Shop in their location on Queen St. West. The Shoppers and the Curious can enjoy the virtual reality experience where the “visitors will be able to transport themselves to the mountains in Mexico, and see the world through the eyes of [the] Indigenous artisans,” as noted in the press release.

For Nuño, virtual reality is a great means for “immersing people into the life of an artisan.” He went on to say “It’s pretty impressive to put [on] a pair of glasses and transport yourself to the mountains of Mexico, to the house of an Indigenous family or to the workshop where they gather. Everyone leaves with their mouth open and a deep connection with the artisans and the brand.”

The company is committed to highlighting the great work of their artisans, so much so that the artisans have their names and communities written on the clothes, hence the name Someone Somewhere, as can be seen on this article’s cover photo.

In an email exchange shared by the HuffPost Canada, Nuño said “Artisan activity could be an incredible way of fighting poverty. The key was to create products that actually matched what the world was wearing, and to use technology to tell the artisans’ stories and reach the people who would actually value their creations”. This is precisely how we can use VR For Good. This artistic ability uses the technology to express how simple actions can have an impact on the social economy of another, less fortunate, region of the world.

ABOUT Someone Somewhere:
Someone Somewhere describe themselves as an apparel lifestyle brand on a mission to lift millions of artisans out of poverty and create prosperity in their communities. These 172 artisans work in five states of the Mexican Republic — Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Hidalgo and Edomex — using distinct techniques to create the apparel, such as textile crafts and embroidery.