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VIDEO: Star Wars + Stranger Things AR Stickers are Finally Here!

VIDEO: Star Wars + Stranger Things AR Stickers are Finally Here!


Google is rolling out version 8.1 Android System Update as you read this, and with it, a little gift right on time for the Holiday season. Two months after its major October 4 Event, the much-anticipated AR Stickers announced during that event are finally here!

The AR stickers are built right into the camera app on the Pixel and they can be selected like any other image capturing modes. You then just drop them into the scene you want to capture with your camera in live preview, and you can edit their size and position.

Two sets of stickers are now available: Stranger Things, as we saw in that Oct 4 presentation, as well as Star Wars: The Last Jedi stickers. 

In celebration of this week’s release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Google has partnered with Disney to bring augmented reality Star Wars stickers to all Pixel devices running Android 8.1 and above. Along with Star Wars stickers, users will also be able to attach what Google is calling Foodmoji (with cheese on top of the patty, I hope… lol) and 3D Text stickers.

AR balloons are also coming to the platform just in time for New Years, according to Google. These stickers can be placed over live images and video. It doesn’t seem possible to place AR stickers on photos or video you’ve previously shot, though this is to be expected.

In order to locate the new AR sticker feature, open the Pixel’s camera app and tap the three lines (sometimes referred to as the hamburger menu) in the upper-left corner. Then select ‘AR Stickers,’ which should be sitting just above ‘Settings.’ Stickers are then placed by dragging and dropping and can be moved around the scene. The AR stickers can also be be changed in terms of size by pinch zooming in or out on the object.

Anyone that has used Snapchat will be very familiar with this, as it functions quite similarly, although with a little more accuracy since ARCore allows for the identification of surfaces.

Stickers are also able to attach to specific surfaces thanks to the power of Google’s mobile augmented reality development platform ARCore, complete with the ability to snap photos and video of the augmented reality objects. Google says that users are able to tell when a surface has been detected because a grid of dots appears.

Google’s new Pixel AR stickers are available to download now. This is EXCELLENT timing from Google, with the hype over the Holiday season AND the new Star Wars movie in full effect.


The tech giant also says that it plans to release more augmented reality sticker packs in the future. It’s unclear exactly how Google plans to release the new feature, though we suspect it’s coming via a similar system update.

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