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The Phi Centre + Future of Storytelling Present: The New Storytellers III

This Wednesday, December 6, in collaboration with New York’s Future of StoryTelling, the Phi Centre — a key player in the world of Virtual Reality around the globe — invites storytelling artists, professionals, and amateurs to reflect on this fascinating question for The New Storytellers III, presented alongside Phi Centre’s Lucid Realities exhibition. The day will be hosted by Catalina Briceño, director of industry and market trends at Canada Media Fund.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, a UNESCO City of Design that was named one of the “15 Fantastic Art-Filled Cities That Aren’t New York or Paris” by Mic, the Phi Centre is the brainchild of Director and Founder Phoebe Greenberg.

World-renown 360VR Storytelling pioneers Felix & Paul Studios, who earlier this year took home an Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Interactive Program for “The People’s House – Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama”, got their first Financial patronage from Ms Greenberg. Quite the statement from the Centre’s creator about her level of belief in 360VR as a medium for Storytelling and Art creation.

Brent Bushnell (Two Bit Circus) will be delivering the opening Keynote, titled “Narrative Reality and the Power of Immersive Entertainment”. The event has an impressive list of Speakers from world-renown 360VR Studios such as BaoBab Studios (Asteroids, Invasion!), Here Be Dragons (Mr Robot VR Experience), to name only a few,  as well as great Moderators like Cortney Harding (Friends With Holograms). In typical Montreal fashion, the day will end with some boozy schmoozing, following OK GO Lead Singer Damian Kulash’s closing Keynote.

The Phi Centre’s Director of PR & Communications, Myriam Achard, was quite excited about this week’s event during our conversation: “It is with a great amount of Pleasure, and dare I say Pride, that Phi Centre will be hosting the 3rd Edition of the The New Storytellers conference. This also marks the 3rd year that we have been collaborating with the folks at Future of Storytelling from NYC. These events are a fantastic occasion to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who work in the field of Virtual Reality, individuals who continuously push the boundaries of Art form. These folks have so much experience and insight to share with the professionals who join us during the day. The conference will also symbolically close the loop on the Lucid Realities exhibition, interactive installations from creators from across the world, which has been hosted at Phi for nearly 6 months now.”

The 360VR Community will be present during The New Storytellers III conference to gather thoughts, insights, and maybe a scoop or two from some of the amazing 360VR Creators present during the day. If you happen to be in the Montreal area, we highly recommend you attend as well!

For Info, Tickets, etc: https://phi-centre.com/en/event/the-new-storytellers-iii-en/

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