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The San Jose Sharks are the 1st Team in the NHL to have a Dedicated VR App

Zeality Delivers 360VR Content for Gear VR & Daydream

The San Jose Sharks are the 1st Team in the NHL to have a Dedicated VR App

I have been following California-based Zeality for a while now. I spotted their logo for the first time this summer, as it appeared on the top right hand corner of an app that was already in my phone, following an update. There was a “VR 360º” next to the logo, which obviously got my attention.

As a longtime San Francisco 49ers fan(I know, brutal, right?!), I was quite excited to see that my team had jumped on the Virtual Reality train, and most of the 360º content was cool and well-produced.

Last week, the San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League announced they too had joined our 360VR Team, becoming the very first team in the NHL to add 360º content to their app. “The Sharks are pleased to be innovators in the world of sport by bringing virtual and augmented reality to our fans via the Sharks app,” said Doug Bentz, Vice President of Marketing and Digital for the San Jose Sharks. “We are constantly looking at ways to bring new and dynamic content to our fans through our digital platforms. Working with Zeality and Oculus, we have developed a cutting-edge way to bring our fans closer to our team and our brand. From Zeality’s publishing and management system, we can easily deploy our interactive and immersive experiences to both our mobile applications and now our Oculus App.”

Dipak M. Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of Zeality Inc, said in a statement: “We continue to be inspired by how the Sharks are embracing and enabling new content formats, experiences, and technology. This mindset allows the community, fans, and partners to deepen their connection with the San Jose Sharks. We’re excited to have the Zeality Interactive Immersive Media Engine (IME) be the backbone of this new category of experiences.”

Congrats to Zeality from the 360VR Community!

Whether or not you are a Fan of Hockey, the NHL, or even the pesky San Jose Sharks, we would encourage you to download the app, and tell us what you think!