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Samsung Dev Conference Day 1: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung Dev Conference Day 1: Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes a good night’s sleep helps the brain process multiple ideas, and it’s funny how concepts come together. We decided to take the evening to digest everything we saw announced at the Samsung Developer Conference‘s first day. We reported the unveiling of the Professional-Level 3D (Stereoscopic) 360º Camera, the Samsung 360 Round yesterday, here is the rest of the day’s mostly VR-focused announcements.

The biggest announcement was that Samsung has announced a partnership with Google to extend the ARCore platform to Galaxy devices (S8, S8+ and Note8), bringing the best AR experiences to more Android users. Keeping in mind that Google stated they wanted to put “ARCore in 100 Million devices at by the end of the preview program“, this association was an absolute must for both companies.

Here are some of the highlights, for all things that concern 360º & Virtual Reality:
Samsung VR, a premium video service offering the best in 360 immersive content taking you anywhere from the cockpit of an airplane, to the depths of the ocean or the far reaches of the universe with your Galaxy phone and a Gear VR.
Samsung Internet VR, a Gear VR-optimized browser that allows users to surf the web and enjoy videos and photos on a large, virtual screen creating an immersive experience as if users were at the theater.
Samsung PhoneCast VR, a first-of-its-kind application that translates 2D apps into 3D VR through mirroring for improved VR playtime providing an entirely new mobile experience.
VRB Foto, a fun and social 360 photo sharing solution developed as part of Mobile Platform and Solutions lab of Samsung Research America, which allows users to create and share fun effects on top of 360 photos shot using cameras like Gear 360.
Black River Studios, a division of Samsung R&D Institute of Amazonia (SIDIA) in Brazil, produces titles for Gear VR and Galaxy devices including Angest, Rock & Rails, and Finding Monsters perfectly suited for the upcoming HMD Odyssey.
Samsung Gear VR Framework, an open source VR rendering engine with a Java interface for developing mobile VR apps offering a simple and familiar SDK for traditional Android developers without having to know multiple underlying VR SDKs.

The Disappointment about NOT having announced a Standalone VR Headset. Facebook having announced theirs just a week ago, I fully expected Samsung to do the same, but alas.

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