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The Congress of Neurological Surgeons Sets Guinness World Record for LIVE VR Experience

The Congress of Neurological Surgeons Sets Guinness World Record for LIVE VR Experience

The theme for the 2017 Congress of Neurological Surgeons, held in Boston, is Transformation Celebration. While many things were celebrated during the CNS Annual Meeting, such as the great careers of some of its members, advancements made possible thanks to Virtual Reality were front and center.

The CNS tapped Ohio-based Surgical Theater to introduce their Surgeons to Virtual Reality, but an intro was not enough, it seems! Attending Surgeons were asked to download an App prior to their arrival at the Congress, where they were all handed entry-level mobile VR headsets that, from the images taken, look like the Stimuli 2VR headset.

With 2,057 Surgeons participating in this LIVE VR presentation, they have indeed broken the previous World Record held by Mobileye, an Israeli company who did a VR Presentation for 1,867 CEOs during a YPO event held in Vancouver (Canada) this past March.

The Surgical Theater simulation was led by Dr Neil Martin, director of the Geisinger Neuroscience Institute in Danville, Pa. He stated: “Certainly, we’ve set a record in getting more than six neurosurgeons to be instructed to do the same thing and actually do it at the same time!”.

But don’t get it twisted: this was much more than a 360º Video – the technology is being used by Surgeons to map out their procedures, as well as to explain it to their patients. “I think it helps to explain appropriately,” said Rupa Juthani a research fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center who watched in the demonstration in VR. “It’s all about informed consent.”

Dr Martin, who has run demonstrations of Surgical Theater in the past, said he expects technology to continue to improve the way neurosurgeons plot their surgeries. He said he’s particularly excited about the prospect of glasses using augmented reality (think Google Glass for doctors) to overlay information on a surgeon’s real-life view of a brain.

“That will be the real superpower X-ray vision,” he said.