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InstaVR Introduces “Guided Co-Viewing”, a sort of Tour Guide for Virtual Reality Experiences

InstaVR Introduces “Guided Co-Viewing”, a sort of Tour Guide for Virtual Reality Experiences

In a nutshell, InstaVR is a web-based service that allows you to create basic 360VR Apps, which can be used as demos/mock-up. The service allows novice VR Content Creators publish apps on all the major platforms: Gear VR, Google Daydream, Oculus Store, Vive, iOs, Android, and WebVR.

They also have a Pro and an Enterprise offering, which allows for more advanced options and possibilities. Today, the company announced an interesting option coming to the Pro & Enterprise level. VR Experiences created with the InstaVR platform can now have a social component that allows multiple viewers to join the experience together thanks to the new “guided co-viewing” option.

Co-viewers are able to use different headsets to view the experiences together. The Class Teacher, guiding the experience, can, for example, be using an Oculus Rift while the entire class is on either Gear VR or Daydream headsets. Another advantage of the option is that the group viewing doesn’t even need to be in the same location, allowing a guide to work from Canada to give a group scattered across Europe and the US a narrated guided 360-degree video tour of a factory.

Daniel Haga, Founder and CEO of InstaVR, said: “Guided co-viewing facilitates real-time collaboration between our VR creators and their users, regardless of geography.” Haga also stated that the company’s objective has always been to provide a global audience greater access to VR, and that “guided co-viewing takes virtual reality to the next level.”

Adding the ability to turn an individual presentation into a guided demonstration is a great update to a platform that already allows people with very basic-to-no app creation training to produce VR Apps. I know of quite a few teachers

What do you think of the InstaVR platform, have you tried it?