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Patent Watch: USPTO Accepts Apple Patent for 360VR Headset

Patent Watch: USPTO Accepts Apple Patent for 360VR Headset

While all the major corporations file patent applications all the time, and that most never see the light of day, some accepted applications are always worth a look. As made public yesterday by the US Patent & Trademark Office, Apple’s application for what is seemingly a VR headset system was accepted.

Looks like Apple’s Tim Cook may have something up his sleeve, despite his latest quotes on the current state of AR/VR Glasses Tech… The patent filing suggests the company has examined the potential of full virtual reality kits not just for product testing, but for consumers as well. Would seem AR is not their only interest. Smart.

As per usual with patent filings, not much detailed technical info, and while there seems to be a hint of a controller, nothing much that would make it much different than the current players, from Oculus to Vive, to Windows MR headsets.

Apple has already shown some interest in VR, as was made evident when it announced, during the last Apple WWDC that eGPU support was coming to High Sierra.

We would suggest you head over to Apple Insider, who broke the story, for some extra tech insight. 🖖