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Google Taps Uk-based Surround Vision for its new 360VR YouTube Series The Female Planet

The First Episode features Golden-Globe Award Winning Actress Gina Rodriguez

Google Taps Uk-based Surround Vision for its new 360VR YouTube Series The Female Planet

Chris Milk said it best in his 2015 TED Talk: “VR is the Ultimate Empathy Tool”. Google, through their YouTube channel, has been publishing a very generous amount of Socially Conscious content. They have taken to the 360º Video format, using its unique ability to bring the viewer into the subject’s world, to bring forth important topics of discussion, such as what it is like to live through racism, and more.

The Female Planet series aims to feature “amazing female role models”. Episode 1 features Actress Gina Rodriguez, best known for her leading role in the CW Comedy-Drama series Jane The Virgin, a role that has seen her nominated 3 times for Best Actress at the Golden Globe Awards, which she Won in 2015.

UK-based Surround Vision was commissioned by Google to produce the series, shot in stereoscopic 3D with the YI HALO camera using Google’s Jump technology. Directed by Mary Matheson, the project also features Spatial Audio, a detail that we at the 360VR Community wish more 360 Video content creators would pay attention to!

According to the Surround Vision website: ‘The Female Planet’ is a collection of 360º films allowing the audience to drop in and shadow the working lives of inspiring women. The series showcases five extraordinary women with careers in science, technology, sports and the arts who share their personal and professional experiences.

We truly enjoyed this first episode, with Gina opening up about being of Puerto Rican descent, growing up in Chicago. Look for the next instalments of The Female Planet series that will feature other great Female Leaders such as Tiera Fletcher, a Boeing aerospace engineer designing a rocket for the NASA mission to Mars,  Inna Braverman, an entrepreneur turning wave power into green energy, and more.