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VIDEO: KLM Gives VR Headsets To Passengers On Budget Airlines

VIDEO: KLM Gives VR Headsets To Passengers On Budget Airlines

While on a budget passenger airline, passengers have the chance to see what they could have gotten if they flew with Royal Dutch Airlines, KLM. Talk about showing how the grass is greener on the neighbour’s lawn!

Airline passengers who choose the airline with the best price know they probably won’t have the best experience, but they get to their destination without having to pay a fortune. Royal Dutch Airlines, KLM, created a video promotion around this idea called the KLM Flight Upgrader, a virtual reality application passengers can watch to see what they could have had, had they chosen a KLM flight.

In the virtual reality experience, the passenger can look around from the perspective of a seated passenger and can see what everything would have looked like if they had flown with KLM. However, the promotional effort doesn’t highlight the reason passengers choose a budget airline: Pricing. For example, a trip from New York to Paris costs over $3,000 with KLM, while other flights may cost a third of that.

KLM made the virtual reality application available on Google Play and the Apple application store.

Visit the KLM Flight Upgrader for more details!