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VIDEO: See how MondlyVR uses Virtual Reality and AI to Teach you 30+ Languages

VIDEO: See how MondlyVR uses Virtual Reality and AI to Teach you 30+ Languages

The Mondly Language App won the Facebook App of the Year Award, and has been nominated for multiple others, having received praise for its 20+ million downloads. This past February, ATi Studios launched MondlyVR, a first-of-its-kind language experience for Google’s Virtual Reality platforms Daydream and Cardboard.

MondlyVR allows people to take part in life-like conversations with virtual characters in 30 different languages by combining Virtual Reality with Artificial Intelligence-backed speech recognition and a voice chatbot. The app aims to offer instant immersion, feedback on pronunciation, suggestions that enrich learners’ vocabulary and interactive scenarios that make learning languages fun and easy.

Alex Iliescu, Mondly CEO says, “We realized the best way to teach languages would be to create an immersive experience that replicates real-life scenarios and conversations, VR gives us the best opportunity to do this. From our experience, the biggest things that keep people from actually speaking and using new languages are fear and lack of life-like practice. MondlyVR overcomes these barriers and quickly gets learners comfortable and speaking in real life situations, we’re filling the conversational gap of traditional language education.”

Most people trying to learn a new language have the process slowed down by fear. They’re afraid of sounding bad, so they don’t stop themselves from taking the plunge and trying to engage in conversations. MondlyVR provides instant immersion and conversational learning from the comfort of home.

Before MondlyVR, to experience language immersion, it typically required months of preparation and then travel. Today, it requires MondlyVR and a Google Daydream View VR headset.

In a study featured in the New York Times by Michael Ullman, a neuroscientist at Georgetown University Medical Center, language learning subjects were split into two groups. One group studied language in a formal classroom setting, while the other was taught through immersion. After five months, both groups retained the language. However, the group that learned through immersion displayed the full brain patterns of a native speaker.

MondlyVR overview:
– It is the first and only app to combine VR, Voice Chatbot & Speech Recognition on Google Daydream.
– Teaches 30+ languages.
– Dramatically shortens time to conversing in a new language from months to minutes.
– Recreates real-life situations and actual conversations in VR.
– Offers instant feedback on pronunciation.
– High-caliber 3D graphics and five realistic scenarios.

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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