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Watch Surviving the Titanic Virtual Reality Experience

Watch Surviving the Titanic Virtual Reality Experience

Starting this October, Samsung will be offering a 4D virtual reality experience called Surviving the Titanic, alongside plenty of thrills, at its New York Flagship, Samsung 837. This year, virtual reality has expanded to include weird workouts, from spinning to yoga, so why not add a trip on the Titanic’s bouncing life boats?

Ok, so we admit that there may be far more fun VR Experiences than being stuck in a sinking ship… But Samsung conveniently sits right by Pier 54, where Titanic survivors returned after their rescue, making it a historically accurate way to spend a few moments on a Saturday.

Guests buy tickets and then a guide escorts them to a boat, equipped with room for eight passengers. Once onboard the life boat, the full Titanic experience begins, replete with ship rocking, VR sinkage and splish splashes as the giant ship makes its way through the water. The experience falls somewhere between the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World and watching both of the VHS tapes of the movie at home, as it’s more than likely you’ll spend a chunk of the four minutes wondering why Jack and Rose couldn’t both fit on that door.

“At Samsung, we’re always looking for new ways to defy boundaries with our technology and Surviving the Titanic at Samsung 837 does just that,” Bachir Zeroual, the Head of VR Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, told the Observer. “Users will experience physical elements such as motion, wind, water, heat, scent and more to truly make the historic sinking of the Titanic feel incredibly real. Brought to life at Samsung 837, Surviving the Titanic joins more than 30 other virtual reality experiences that come alive in the space. Guests can experience a variety of VR content—from fighting intergalactic battles to catching the day’s news in 360 to surfing the ocean—the possibilities are endless.”

The VR Experience coincides with the movie’s 20 year anniversary, coming this December. So why not experience the film for yourself rather than watch it for the umpteenth time?! Unfortunately, Leo is not included. Palmer either, fortunately.