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Innovative VR Device to be revealed at Dubai Otology – the Ear, Nose & Throat Conference

Innovative VR Device to be revealed at Dubai Otology – the Ear, Nose & Throat Conference

The fifth edition of the annual ‘Dubai Otology Conference & Exhibition’ will be held from October 11-13 2017. Dubai Otology is the only specialized medical conference of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and related topics in the whole region, and it is held under the patronage of the UAE’s Minister of Health.

The conference brings together leading global manufacturers, dealers and service providers of ENT & Otology specialized medical devices, who will showcase the latest technologies in the field and display state-of-the-art equipment, machinery and products that will advance the diagnosis and treatment in this highly specialized field.

One Danish company, InterAcoustics, is set to launch from Dubai its latest medical device for the first time in this region. The company’s Director of Sales, Casper Jensen revealed that his company would utilize the conference as a launching platform of a “breakthrough medical device”. He said the device “will be launched at the Dubai Otology Conference 2017”. Jensen explained that it’s a “compact and mobile solution consisting of a virtual reality goggle, a remote control and an intuitive software that makes it easy to interpret the data and afterwards safely store it”.

According to Pam Dunlap, PT, DPT, NCS, at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Physical Therapy, “The Interacoustics Video Frenzel goggles are ideal for vestibular rehabilitation. They are easy to use and provide high quality video. The ability to record video is essential for complex cases, student and patient education. The goggles are comfortable for patients. This system is the best I have used as a clinician specializing in vestibular physical therapy.”

More than 300 doctors and specialists from the region and the world will be attending the conference, in addition to more than 44 local and international companies that will put on display their products like Audiometers, Ear Implants, Endoscopic Instruments & Supplies, ENT Surgical Instruments/Units, and other related devices and products. Pretty cool to start seeing so much Virtual Reality devices being widely used in the field of Healthcare!