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Leonardo DiCaprio becomes Investor and Advisor for Virtual Reality Company MindMaze

Leonardo DiCaprio becomes Investor and Advisor for Virtual Reality Company MindMaze

There are many working in the Virtual Reality Industry wondering whether or not this “thing of ours” will ever “go mainstream”… Well, according to a report from Fortune Magazine, the industry just got a little positive push from none other than Oscar-winning actor and Environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio.

The reports states that Leo is joining MindMaze, a company developing cutting-edge virtual and augmented reality technology, as  an investor and advisor.

From the MindMaze site: MindMaze is pioneering a breakthrough computing platform that captures brain activity upon intent, creating a new operating system for computers – a mindOS. Based on a decade of rigorous testing in the healthcare industry, the company has designed an intuitive mind/machine interface, which utilizes pre real-time decoding of brain signals. Its innovations are poised to transform industries, starting with healthcare and gaming.“MindMaze technology has already impacted the lives of many of people, and it is poised to define the way we will experience and create content in the future,” said DiCaprio. “I am excited about the possibilities of MindMaze’s technology, especially for its potential to be a driving force in media and entertainment in the years to come.”

“We are already seeing immense potential for the application of our technology outside of healthcare, specifically in entertainment, sports and social VR,” said Dr. Tej Tadi, CEO and founder of MindMaze. “As we continue to gain traction in these industries, the addition of Leo to our advisory board is a vote of confidence in our technology and road map for ushering in a new age of interaction between humans and machines.”

Not only does DiCaprio fit into the company’s plans to expand their presence in the entertainment space, the actor has a proven track record as an investor. His Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which works to combat the effects of climate change, has raised over $80 million since 2008.

AAAAND of course, time to break out the Leo & Palmer meme. Because it’s Friday.

For the full report, visit the Fortune Magazine.