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VIDEO: WebVR Coming to an Opera Web Browser Near You

VIDEO: WebVR Coming to an Opera Web Browser Near You

Opera, a web browser that is quite popular with those in the know, is finally hopping onto the VR bandwagon.

Through the browser’s latest developer update, Opera Developer 49, you will be able to watch all videos online using an embedded feature called the VR 360 player, as it was revealed via their company blogpost. It will be compatible with VR Headsets with OpenVR, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Opera is not the first browser to offer support for VR content, as Google Chrome and Firefox, already support WebVR rendered content. However, what sets Opera apart is that the WebVR content can be experienced via VR Headsets, something the others have not accomplished yet.

Opera says it expects to add support for WebVR “soon,” but no timeline was given. The browser’s new feature takes away the inconvenience of having to download videos and playing them on another player, says Opera. Instead, the embedded player automatically detects a VR headset installed onto your device and lets you play your videos on it “instantly” by clicking on the “Watch in VR” button that will appear on top of the film.

The new feature is available on Opera’s desktop browser. “Supporting VR content viewing in our mobile browsers is part of our road map,” the company said.

We strongly recommend you spend some time on the Opera WebVR Blogpost for all the details!