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VIDEO: Google to Announce New Pixel Lineup Oct 4

and their ''Funny You Should Ask'' video campaign in so darn good.

VIDEO: Google to Announce New Pixel Lineup Oct 4

Google will unveil the Google Pixel 2 this next October 4th, exactly a year after announcing the original model. The tech powerhouse released a simple, yet masterfully crafted video with a list of questions that people have asked en masse on the popular search engine, hinting at potential areas its next generation smartphones will focus on. They even created a teaser microsite.

Known as the ”Pixel, Phone by Google”, this was the very first 100% Google branded smartphone. Among its key victories, Google Assistant on the Pixel has been touted as the very best, by far. The Pixel’s Camera was also highly praised, and don’t even get me started on how amazing the free uploads (at maximum quality) of images to Google Photos is for both Life & Business. Having raised a few bars, expectations are high for the Pixel 2. The teaser asks:

“What’s wrong with my phone’s battery?”
“Why is my phone always out of storage?”
“Why does my phone take so many blurry photos?”

I won’t spoil the rest, although I will say that definitely seemed to me like a pretty cheeky dig at the other manufacturers whose devices are more often than not as fragile as they are high-tech. Considering that HTC is the manufacturer of the first Pixel, many have assumed that the Pixel 2 will also be made by HTC, and could also some of the cool features from the HTC U11, released earlier this summer, such as Edge Sense (Squeezable Screen yay!), OIS (optical image stabilization), and considering the importance of 360VR to Google, the ability to record 360 Spatial Sound. Except many rumours are now saying that the manufacturer of the Pixel 2 is LG. So now do we start expecting features seen on the LG V30, which also happens to be the first Daydream-ready smartphone by LG, which also seems to happen to have the specs to handle ARCore? So many questions, so little time!

The camera on the original model was instantly considered Best in Show as soon as it came out, despite its lack of OIS, and is still considered tops despite the recent iPhone X launch. I fully expect the camera on the Pixel 2 to do the same, but better: because we cannot forget the recent launch of the Google ARCore Augmented Reality developer toolkit.

Google’s Clay Bavor already announced the company’s expectations vis-a-vis Android-powered smartphones capable of running ARCore are as aggressive as Apple’s ARKit expectations, stating he believes that over 100 million users should have access to ARCore apps by Winter 2017. Winter IS Coming, after all! Ok, now that I said that, let’s not go Full Robert Scobble (You know we love you, brother! haha! Buy Robert’s BOOK, 360VR Community!) and say that everything will change as of October 4th…

Let’s tone it down a bit, hehe. I expect Google to play a similar The Tortoise Vs The Hare approach to AR, continuing to develop the platform & content prior to launching to the Public, as they most probably learned their Daydream lesson.

So what can we expect? Snapdragon 836? While I said above that the questions on the video could be a dig at the competition, it is also most likely a subtle sign of what is to come.

What do YOU expect to see from the Google Pixel 2?