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Industry Watch: VR Studio WarDucks Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding Round

Industry Watch: VR Studio WarDucks Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding Round

VR Game developers WarDucks is on the receiving end of an investment following a round led by Suir Valley Ventures. The team, pictured above, who is based in Dublin, Ireland, are working mostly on VR games but have also had experience in iOS and Android game development.

Suir Valley Ventures has led a $1.5Million seed investment round in WarDucks, a Dublin-based maker of virtual reality (VR) games, with additional funds coming from Enterprise Ireland and private investors.

Its flagship brand is Sneaky Bears, which, on the Samsung mobile Gear VR platform, reached No 24 in the top-selling Gear VR charts, and its sequel, Sneaky Bears Rollercoaster, reached a No 2 ranking.

“Virtual Reality will increasingly become part of the fabric of our everyday lives and gaming is pioneering this as we speak,” said WarDucks CEO, Nikki Lannen. “Our Sneaky Bears brand has already performed extremely well on mobile VR platforms, however our move now to more sophisticated hardware, including PlayStation, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive marks an important step for WarDucks.”

WarDucks has now launched an expanded and completely new version of Sneaky Bears, a full-length VR game, on the PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift platforms. It is also due to launch on the HTC Vive platform in the coming weeks.

Suir Valley Ventures’ Barry Downes said that VR is an area of enormous opportunity and potential. “Nikki and her team have already had major success, launching a number of hit VR games on mobile, and we are thrilled to help the company bring its unique Sneaky Bears IP to console and PC platforms.”

He added: “We see Dublin-based WarDucks as a great example of the type of games studio that is going to be hugely successful in the VR industry, and are looking forward to working with Nikki and her team to support them, grow the company rapidly and launch unique products worldwide.”

As part of the investment in WarDucks, Shard Capital CEO Toby Raincock will join WarDucks’ board. “WarDucks is an innovative Irish start-up making strong technical and commercial progress in the rapidly growing virtual reality space,” added Niall McEvoy, manager of the High Potential Start-up Unit at Enterprise Ireland’s IT department.

“The company is combining innovation with global ambition, and Enterprise Ireland looks forward to continuing to work with them as they expand and scale in international markets.”

Congrats to the team at WarDucks!

Oh and if you don’t know Sneaky Bears VR yet… Enjoy the trailer below!