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Funny or Die Presents: Rejected VR Experiences

Funny or Die Presents: Rejected VR Experiences

The great minds over at Funny or Die are constantly at work to provide us with hilarious content. The very fact that Virtual Reality is being roasted like this can only mean that our Beloved technology is slowly but surely making its way into Pop Culture.

Funny or Die has been working the VR angle for quite some time now, having created their 1st 360-degree comedy sketch all the way back in February 2016, which you can WATCH HERE.

This past July, they brought us the Felix & Paul – directed MIYUBI, the World’s First VR Short Comedy Film, which we reported HERE.

THIS TIME, they created some fake posters for “Rejected VR Experiences”. ENJOY!

The following is courtesy of Funny or Die 🙂

As technology advances, virtual reality experiences not only become more accessible to the average consumer but higher quality entertainment as well. While developers are creating some truly mind-blowing experiences in the world of VR, these are not those.

Lean Cuisine Pitch Meeting

Rejected_VRLean Cuisine.jpg

Uber Small Talk


Marla Maples: 1989-1999

Rejected_VRMaria Maples.jpg

Waiting For It To Be Your Turn to Use The VR Headset


Woman Walking Home Alone At Night

Rejected_VRWalk Home.jpg

Breakup: Extended Edition


Being In An Elevator With One Other Person


Flight Simulator (But With A 4-Hour Delay And 2-Hour Taxi)

Rejected_VRFlight Simulator.jpg

Watching Your Dad Say “Por Favor” At The Local Mexican Restaurant


The Chappaquiddick Incident



MAJOR THANK YOU to Funny or Die for this well-needed laugh break during our crazy work day!