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Cappasity Introduces ARToken – Decentralized AR/VR Ecosystem for Content Exchange

Cappasity Introduces ARToken – Decentralized AR/VR Ecosystem for Content Exchange

Now THIS is Interesting. We here at the 360VR Community have always believed that technologies such as VR/AR/AI/Blockchain, and even IoT, are destined to be interlinked. Well, it seems the Future is NOW.

Also, before we go on, if you are not 100% sure on what Blockchain is and how it works, watch the quick 1:43min video below before you proceed, to truly grasp the potential of this offering.

Cappasity has created ARToken, a digital token designed to create a decentralized ecosystem for the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) communities. Both communities can use the AR Token ecosystem to exchange VR/AR/3D content across a marketplace called Cappasity.

Essentially, the creators of AR Token believe that the VR/AR Revolution will be driven by content creators. We could not agree more, as we continuously hammer the ”Content is King” adage in these pages. With that in mind, they’ve created a platform that leverages Blockchain infrastructure to create, rent, and sell VR/AR/3D content. It’s a decentralized, trustless copyright storage and content exchange for the VR/AR community.

Cappasity already has a working VR/AR/3D content sharing platform that gets nearly 1 million views a month. With their AR Token and the ICO, the company is hoping to raise funds to further the development of their VR/AR technology.

The company has built a VR/AR ecosystem marketplace, where content makers and content users from all over the world can meet each other’s needs, via its digital utility currency — the AR Token (ART). The ART decentralized billing system is said to be capable of handling a large number of microtransactions and will be secured by well-designed smart contracts.

Spend ARTs On:
– Subscriptions to 3D content creators
– 3D content purchases from content creators (the price is dictated by the seller)
– 3D content rentals for commercial purposes

Receive ARTs For:
– Uploading unique 3D content
– Verifying and moderating content
– Selling or renting self-created 3D content

The startup is known for its in-store browsing experience, with interactive 3D images, to online retail, and introduced its Easy 3D Scan software in 2015; it was released a year later. Cappasity aims to develop an easy, scalable platform for creation, embedding, and analysis of VR/AR/3D content, and since 2014, has raised $1.8 million from VC funds and angel investors to make the platform a reality, according to Crunchbase.

Founder and CEO Kosta Popov says: “3D content is going to drive multiple verticals, such as gaming, entertainment, retail, art, education, and health. Users, developers and businesses are going to benefit from 3D imagery creation, embedding and trading, while Cappasity leverages blockchain aims to become the global 3D/AR/VR content exchange ecosystem for each player.”

Mr. Popov added ARTs are earned by creating and sharing content. They can be spent on buying or renting that content. Seventy per cent of tokens will be provided to crowdsale participants with the remainder allocated to founders’ long-term endowment and early contributors.

For more information, as well as to participate in the $50 million token crowdsale, to begin on September 27, visit the ARToken website.

In case you are not 100% sure what Blockchain is, and how it works, we found this hilarious video that explains it so clearly that your Mom would get it.