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New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 = NEW Gear VR Headset

There’s Good News, and there are Bad News attached to the news that, along with the September 15 launch of Samsung Mobile‘s latest flagship phablet, the Note 8, it was also launching a new Gear VR headset. Once again proof that Size DOES Matter, the 0,1 inch (2,54mm for the rest of the World 😉) difference in Screen size between the Galaxy S8+ (6.2”) and the Galaxy Note 8 (6.3”) means that a new headset is necessary. Not too sure Samsung really put much thought into that…

Although… Let’s look at this in their perspective for a second. Considering it has only been 4 months since the release of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, chances are that the great majority of S8/S8+ owners are not going to be upgrading anytime soon. But what about the Hardcore Samsung Fans?! Well… Think about it. They are considered “hardcore” for a reason: because they will indeed be part of the very minute percentage of fanboys/girls that will lineup to get their hands on their favorite brand’s latest and greatest.

Seen that way, it may not really be such a big deal, and the fact is that this fourth version of the Gear VR will work with the entire 2017 Galaxy lineup.

So what’s so different about the Gear VR for Note 8? No more on-board volume control (which the handheld controller does), and slightly bigger to accommodate the larger screen. It even weighs the same. Yeah. That’s it. Proof that you can’t win them all, huh?!

Official the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Site.

Official Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Site.

Official Samsung Gear VR with Controller Site.

Official Samsung Gear VR with Controller Site for Note 8.

  • Heidi Marie

    Hmmm – I am seriously considering this. BUT – I want to know if there is still the over heating issue ??

    • Rodrigo V

      Hello Heidi!
      Thank you for reading, much appreciated 🙂
      We have the Galaxy S8+ with the 2017 Gear VR with Controller, and the overheating issue is no longer a problem.
      Of course we still do not recommend spending more than 30/45min at a time in VR.
      Have a great day!
      The 360VR Community

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