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How Virtual Reality can Bring the Courtroom into the Crime Scenes

How Virtual Reality can Bring the Courtroom into the Crime Scenes

The potential use cases for Virtual Reality seem to have no limits, other than our Creativity. A good entrepreneur identifies a need and/or a problem and proceeds to find the solution. In the case of the Court System, the reality is that you cannot bring the Judge and Jury into a crime scene. At least, not in “real life”.

Consider that by the time the Case is brought to Court, the Crime Scene itself has been fully investigated & cleaned up. Courts have traditionally relied on forensic science units to produce visual evidence in court as an alternative to crime scene visits. Crime scene investigators (CSIs) gather and use evidence to recreate the precise sequence of events that occurred during the course of a crime. Part of this reconstruction process is photography and sketching, with the latter still largely done by hand.

Enter Virtual Reality & 360 Video & Photography, technology that could assist CSIs capture and relay a much more representative image/feeling of the crime scene to the courtroom. 360 Sound Capture would also have to be considered as well.

While 3D Generate fully immersive VR at the level of Vive/Oculus are clearly a more high-end option, the fact remains that it has limitations: the price tag, and the fact that the 3D generated crime scene could be “doctored” by either side of the prosecution/defense in order to lead a Jury their way. This is something that can only be done to a certain extent with Video/Photography.

There there is the fact that a Samsung Gear VR solution is much more affordable and easy to use than the Vive/Oculus solutions are.

While 360VR Technology is not yet being used in the Courtroom system, we believe that it is just a matter of time until 360 Video/Photos are incorporated into the CSI/Law Enforcement workflows.