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Earworm Alert: Try to get Light Tracer for PSVR’s Song Out of Your Head 😅

Earworm Alert: Try to get Light Tracer for PSVR’s Song Out of Your Head 😅


Playstation recently announced a new game title for the PSVR platform, and its theme song has been stealing the show. Light Tracer, by Oasis Games due out next month on PlayStation VR turns you into a Deity, and provides you with a Soundtrack worthy of one.

LIGHT TRACER is a rare genre for a new platform: A VR Puzzle-Platformer in which the player has to guide the princess through 8 different chapters that together make up a Babel-like Tower. The princess needs to reach the top to save a country afflicted with a strange illness.

In LIGHT TRACER you will play a mysterious, godlike entity who wields a magical Light Staff in one hand that is used to guide the princess while the other hand is used to ‘grab’ the world and move it around freely as well as interact with in-game objects.

Players will start out at the base of the tower getting the hang of the controls and the VR-freedom that LIGHT TRACER offers. But no time to lose, because before they know it will find themselves in classic platform predicaments, devilish boss fights and puzzles that literally defy gravity, all the while gradually finding out the truth behind the princess’ mysterious quest to climb the tower.

If you haven’t done so yet, play the trailer above, we dare you to get this tune out of your head.

“Sorry, not Sorry” 🤣