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HTC Vive Standalone Headset Launched in China First 👀

HTC Vive Standalone Headset Launched in China First 👀

We have mentioned this a few times before: Consumers in China have adopted Virtual Reality much faster than the rest of the World, already dabbling in Virtual Commerce. Well, today we find out from the ChinaJoy expo that HTC Vive is launching their Standalone VR Headset in China, prior to their worldwide launch. The headset is reportedly called Vive Standalone.

We first heard of the Standalone headset during the 2017 Google I/O, when it was revealed that Google had partnered with Qualcomm to develop WorldSense, a new technology that understands your movement in space without the need to set up any external sensors. That being said, this version is said to be separate from the Daydream-powered headset, meaning its content would not rely on the Google Play Store, whose content is often difficult to access in China.

Official launch dates, for the Chinese and/or Worldwide markets, are not announced yet. But HTC was not shy about the reason behind the pre-launch move: “China is the leading mobile market in the world today, and has the momentum to lead the global VR market as well,” HTC Vive executive Alvin W. Graylin said in a statement.

Will the International version of the HTC Vive Standalone headset run on Google’s Daydream platform? Lenovo, when is YOURS ready?!

So many questions!

Enjoy this WorldSense intro video while we all anxiously await to play with these toys: