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Interview with Element AI CEO JF GagnĂ© – How Does Ai Impact VR? 🤔

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have noticed in the news that there is an infatuation with the city of Montréal, Canada, when it comes to all things concerning Artificial Intelligence. Super Giants Google & Microsoft have installed AI Labs in the quaint North American city that feels like half-Brooklyn, half-Paris.

The University system, along with the Canadian government’s massive investments in Research & Development must not only be mentioned, but celebrated. The Université de Montréal has been recognized as a pioneering force for AI & Deep Learning, thanks mostly to the work of professor Yoshua Bengio and through his Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms.

The result of all this government funding and academic research backing is now quite tangible: Montréal is now a hub of AI/Deep Learning TALENT and has delivered one breakthrough after another. So it should not come as a surprise that many of the techniques, technologies have come out of the Canadian Universities.

At the forefront of the Montreal-based Ai movement is Element Ai. We had the great pleasure of chatting with their CEO Jean-François Gagné during the C2 Montreal business conference. In his own words, “(Element Ai) is all about helping large organisations and startups to take the turn and embrace artificial intelligence. We help them redefine their business models, automate their process, with technology but also with people. And we think the combination of the know-how that we bring to the table, plus the technology we’re bringing on top of all the things that already exist out there, that help us make the winners of tomorrow”.

The new technologies will all become intertwined much sooner than later, so in the interest of continuing to assist in the growth of the VR industry of ours, I asked Gagné about his thoughts regarding Virtual Reality, and how Artificial Intelligence can help make it better.

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