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VR: The Ultimate Tool for Animal Welfare Groups

VR: The Ultimate Tool for Animal Welfare Groups

We have all heard or read Chris Milk refer to Virtual Reality as the “Ultimate Empathy Tool” during one of his TED Talks. It seems that many were listening, such as the members of Direct Action Everywhere, an animal welfare group that has branches in 8 countries.

Featured in today’s edition of The New York Times, is how the group has used 360° Cinematography to tell the horrible story of pig farms. Direct Action Everywhere Co-founder Wayne Hsiung has called the technology “a game changer for animal advocates”.

“I had always wished I could bring people into the facilities with me, so they could see them with their own eyes,” said Jose Valle, a founder of the group. “The experience is just not the same with traditional video.”

“The meat industry always complains that we’re using selective footage, narrow vantage points and editing to make things seem worse,” he said. “But with VR, you’re seeing exactly what we saw and hearing exactly what we heard.”

Warning: some of the images in this video might be considered as graphic by some.

For the whole article on NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/06/dining/animal-welfare-virtual-reality-video-meat-industry.html