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Samsung Standalone VR Headset Quietly Leaked?

We’re not sure how any news out of the Mobile World Congress held in Shanghai, held this past week from June 28th to July 1st, can be considered “quiet”, but… We’re kind of shocked by the lack of media attention this potentially huge news has received.

Last we spoke about rumours from a reputable source concerning a Standalone VR Headset from Samsung, which would reportedly boast a 2000ppi pixel density. Today news reports following the Shanghai MWC are “leaking” what seems to be a working early prototype of the Samsung ExynosVR, a Standalone HMD powered by the Exynos 8890 processor.

Much like the Google Daydream-powered Standalone VR Headsets coming this year from HTC & Lenovo, as announced earlier at Google I/O, the Samsung version is also expected to be able to run a few features that are difficult to incorporate into a smartphone-based system.

The Samsung ExynosVR is said to have a few interesting technologies incorporated into it such as voice and facial expression recognition, motion and hand tracking, as well as the all-too important eye-tracking technology. The latter tech would be provided by Korean company Visual Camp. Eye-tracking permits Foveated rendering, a technique that helps saves system ressources by only rendering at 100% quality what the user is actually looking at, while the rest remains in reduced resolution.

Suk Yunchan, Visual Camp’s CEO said, “By collaborating with Samsung Electronics, our technology was internationally recognized at MWCS 2017, enabling us to secure a bridgehead for future global marketing efforts. Now, we will continue promoting the high quality of Korean startup technologies and products overseas.”

Kim Jong-Kap CEO of the Born2Global Centre said, “The recent buyouts by Apple, Google, and Facebook of companies that possess eye-tracking technology show that this technology is receiving a great deal of interest within the VR industry. We therefore have high expectations for the future of Visual Camp, which has demonstrated its highly promising VR-related technology.”

We are becoming increasingly antsy about finding out more from Samsung themselves, and wonder if they are preparing an announcement to be made with the launch of the next Samsung Note handset!