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VR News: Lenovo to Launch Standalone (untethered) VR Headset Powered by Google Daydream 2.0

VR News: Lenovo to Launch Standalone (untethered) VR Headset Powered by Google Daydream 2.0

This is one Small Step for Mobile VR; one Giant Step for Virtual Reality. An announcement that may have major repercussions in the World of VR was made yesterday, during Day 2 of the Google I/O Conference. Google has been working with Qualcomm to produce the blueprint for Untethered VR Headsets to be powered by the Google Daydream platform. Google simultaneously announced that said Daydream platform is taking a step towards becoming a full-fledge OS through its 2.0 update codenamed Euphrates.

The Standalone VR Headsets, as Google has dubbed the category, are based on a Technology called WorldSense, which is able to track your movements without the need for external motion sensors, or having to be tethered to a PC. Two headsets are to be launched by end of year, one made by Lenovo, and one by HTC. The Headsets are rumoured to range between $500 – $800USD.

Virtual Reality is getting Ready to Cut the Chord. And for the benefit of the Industry, this is great news. We know that most, if not all, VR Enthusiasts & early adopters may have a negative reaction to this, which is absolutely understandable. After all, they all made quite the investment to purchase their “VR-ready PCs”, and forked over a substantial amount of cash for their Vive & Rift gear. It needs to be stated that the Industry would not exist without them, period.

Lenovo is taking a great position by teaming up with Google on this Daydream-powered Standalone VR Headset, to be launched by the end of 2017.

For more info, visit the Lenovo Website.