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VR NEWS from Google I/O 17 – Day 2 – Updates to YouTube VR + ability to Chromecast, More

VR NEWS from Google I/O 17 – Day 2 – Updates to YouTube VR + ability to Chromecast, More

This 2017 edition of the Google I/O Conference is starting to feel like Christmas! yesterday was like Christmas Eve, today is Christmas, and tomorrow should bring all the fireworks of New Years’ Eve. Or will it be Boxing Day?! Ok, let’s get (sort of) serious here.

Daydream Director of Product Management Mike Jazayeri made more than a few announcements Thursday morning.

To begin with, the Daydream Home Experience will see an update in its U/I & U/X, which in part is necessary for it to support both the Mobile-enabled and Standalone Headsets. Included in the update is a new Dashboard that you can access from any App, that does not require the user to exit the current VR experience: “You won’t have to leave the experience to check a notification, change settings, or even to switch apps”, added Jazayeri.

Then, the News that Google Pixel & Daydream View users across the World have been hoping to hear was indeed announced this morning, which is that you can finally share your Daydream Experience with others (sort of, I’ll explain later) around you, by incorporating the ability to ChromeCast your Experience on screen so others can watch along with you. However, there were no mentions of allowing you to Livestream just yet.

YouTube VR is about to get Social. In the upcoming update of the App, you’ll be able to start or join a “party” and watch YouTube with Friends. In VR. The Future just keeps getting brighter!

Last, but most definitely not the least, an announcement about WebVR!!! Exclamation Points!!! ChromeVR is coming to Daydream this Summer.

Google is clearly in the process of redefining its Virtual Reality offering, and all these news explain truly are coming at the right time, following the announcements made about the numbers being put up by their friendly competitor, the Samsung Gear VR.