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Google Buys Award-Winning Game Developer behind Rick & Morty and Job Simulator VR Games!

Google Buys Award-Winning Game Developer behind Rick & Morty and Job Simulator VR Games!

The team at Austin Texas-based OWLCHEMY has a few Million reasons to pose for this slightly adorable photo, as they announced that Google has acquired their award-winning game development company. The team behind the uber-successful Virtual Reality titles Job Simulator, and the Rick & Morty “Virtual Rick-tuality” for Playstation VR, Oculus, and HTC Vive.

Read part of the Owlchemy press release below:

Humble beginnings
Looking back on the past couple of years, it’s honestly pretty crazy to think about the humble beginnings of Owlchemy, growing from a team of 4 to a parliament of 23 owls today! Statistically, most small studios that work incredibly hard and make amazing things still go out of business after their first or second title. We simply wanted to make absurd and highly polished experiences that made enough money to support the development of the next one.
We eventually started to crest the hump with some success (thanks to our old school Owlchemy fans!) and we began to gravitate as a team toward solving tough problems instead of shying away from them (like more reasonable people would). VR acted as an electromagnet for our science-focused brains as it presented us with the most expansive field of untapped potential and tough unsolved problems. Once we dipped our toes into the VR waters in the early DK1 days, we quickly vowed to never look back and build a flat-screen game again, and to jump headfirst into the awesome potential of VR. The studio was hooked and we’d found our stride.

Finding success in VR
Job Simulator was our overnight success many years in the making. We pushed in VR so early and so hard that we were repeatedly told we were crazy, but we knew that we would never be satisfied by making a “safe bet”. We ignored the cries of “But VR died in the 90s!” and we instead spent over a year envisioning what was possible with a tracked head and hands. After a ton of experimenting and prototyping, we emerged with Job Simulator as a day one launch title for HTC Vive, Oculus + Touch, and PlayStation VR.

Read the FULL Owlchemy Labs press release on their site: RIGHT HERE!

We hope that this is the first of many Chess Moves from Google, as they hopefully begin to acquire CONTENT, one of the few elements still lagging in its quest to have the Google Daydream platform become competitive with the Samsung Gear VR platform.

Check out the Job Simulator Trailer below!