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Go Back into Ancient Roman times thanks to Virtual Reality

Go Back into Ancient Roman times thanks to Virtual Reality

Thanks to the power of Virtual Reality, you can go back in time to Ancient Rome and witness what it would have been like to roam around (pun intended) the home of Emperor Nero.

One of Rome’s great attractions, the Domus Aurea, which is Latin for The Golden House, a historic site thousands of years old is now also home to a Virtual Reality Experience that is one of a kind.

The domain, which was as big as 3 Football fields, is now a labyrinth under the city of Rome that visitors can still explore and hike through. But until now, they could only imagine the opulence of this ancient Roman villa.

This image, courtesy of CBS NEWS shows what it looks like inside the Domus Aurea, once the home of Emperor Nero:










“Nothing is invented; every part of the reconstruction has a scientific base,” said Raffaele Carlani, an architect and graphic designer at KatatexiLux, part of the team that created the VR Experience.

Check out this virtual reality render image of what the Palace area may have once looked like:









“So you go back to these Renaissance paintings to recreate what this looked like; and then transition to here digitally,” CBS News’ Seth Doane said, speaking of this digital recreation of frescoes at the Domus Aurea, based on Renaissance paintings of the site:









As if we needed any more reasons to travel to Rome, this Virtual Reality Experience seals the deal for us!


All Photos courtesy of CBS News. To watch the Full Report from CBS News CLICK HERE.