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Oculus Rift: “We Made a Mistake”

Oculus Rift: “We Made a Mistake”

Oculus Rift “power users” have been complaining about Tracking Issues with their Rift VR Headsets and Touch VR Controllers, such as the digital hands floating away, or the virtual floors rising for no reason, for quite some time. When asked about it at DICE 2017, Jason Rubin, VP of Content at Oculus offered a very transparent answer: “We made a Mistake”.

Transparency of this level is not exactly what you expect from a major corporation’s VP, however we find it is quite necessary when addressing your Early Adopters. He went on to make the following statement: “We are part of Facebook. Facebook’s slogan for a long time was ‘move fast and break stuff,’” Rubin said. “We believe we are in the move fast and break stuff mode when it comes to VR. We are pushing as fast as we can to get as much functionality into our systems as we can.”

He even went on to say ““We’ve learned a valuable lesson: don’t move too fast don’t break too much stuff, but [the tracking was] fixable. That’s not permanent, that was a one time kind of failure.”

A little over a week ago, Oculus released update 1.12, which seems to have fixed all those issues according to Reddit boards.

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