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Facebook is now available in Virtual Reality

Facebook has launched a 360 Video app for Samsung Gear VR. You can now look at 360 pictures, watch 360 videos, post reactions and share them on your timeline, all with your mobile VR headset.

 Facebook is now available in Virtual Reality

Facebook is not new to VR, since it purchased Oculus, Facebook has been pushing for 360 pictures and 360 videos, but without being able to watch the content with a headset. The Samsung Gear VR is designed by Oculus and runs on the Oculus platform.

This is still just the beginning, back in October, Mark Zuckerberg showed us what the future of Facebook would look like… very cool.

So here it is, the beginning of 360/VR content on Facebook available on a VR platform and headset. Will it be available on the Google Daydream platform, or any others like Playstation VR? It is yet to be known, but this is a great way to expand the VR horizon.